Main Regulations of Tuition Fee for Bachelor’s Degree

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Special status from bachelor’s degree studies – Degree 01

Special status students (not including external studies for which different regulations and fee rates will be determined) will be charged for each semester hour, 2.5% of the full base tuition fee (without the bachelor’s degree reduction) and ancillary fees.


Special online status – Degree 09

This is a study track in which three online courses are studied from the bachelor’s degree. Anyone successfully completing the courses will be accepted to the bachelor’s degree. In this track the fee rate for each semester hour is 2.5% of the full base tuition fee according to the bachelor’s degree fee rate, and without ancillary fees. The bachelor’s degree regulations will apply to students accepted to bachelor’s studies, including the ancillary fees.


Supplementary studies for a Master’s degree – Degree 03

Students studying courses from the bachelor’s degree studies before a master’s degree will be charged per semester hour, 5% of the full base tuition fee (without any bachelor’s degree reduction) and ancillary fees.

Students studying in the Humanities and Arts Faculty up to 12 semester hours, the charge each year will be at a fee rate of 5% per semester hour, commencing from the 13th hour in the year they will be charged at a fee rate of 2.5% per semester hour.

Calculation of the tuition fee will be for each year separately.


Students who were special status students (supplementary studies) at Tel Aviv University and are later accepted to studies for a degree, the courses they studied in a special status will be recognized for these students. For studies for a master’s degree, a credit will be obtained according to the fee rate they paid in the supplementary studies and they will be charged the difference between the fee rate per semester hour in the field of studies in the master’s degree and the fee rate per semester hour in the supplementary studies. Students who paid in the supplementary studies according to a fee rate of 5% per semester hour will not be charged for the exemptions recognized for master’s degree studies.


Students studying courses from a bachelor’s degree in a special status within the scope of an inter-institution agreement with other universities, the tuition fee charge is calculated from the reduced base tuition fee of the bachelor’s degree.


Young students commencing their studies at the University before they have completed their matriculation examinations will be charged according to the reduced tuition fee.


Special status students at a music academy will pay according to the proportionate part of their studies, but not less than 100% tuition fee per year.

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