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  • Academic Calendar 2014-2015

    First Day of 1st Semester   October 26th, 2014
    Hannukah Vacation   December 21st, 2014
    Last Day of 1st Semester   January 25th, 2015
    Open Day   February 13th, 2015
    Purim Vacation   March 5th, 2015
    First Day of Second Semester   March 8th, 2015
    Last Day of Classes before Passover Vacation   March 29th, 2015
    Wednesday Classes on Monday   March 30th, 2015
    Thursday Classes on Tuesday   March 31st, 2015
    First Day of Classes after Passover Vacation   April 12th, 2015
    Memorial Day   April 22nd, 2015
    Independence Day   April 23rd, 2015
    Shavuot Vacation   May 24th, 2015
    Student Day   May 28th, 2015
    Last Day of 2nd Semester   June 21st, 2015
    Day of Tuesday Classes   June 26th, 2015
    First Day of Summer Semester   July 12th, 2015
    Tisha B'Av   July 26th, 2015
    Last Day of Summer Semester   September 4th, 2015
    University-wide Summer Vacation   August 23-28th, 2015
    Memorial ceremonies during which classes will not take place (12:00-13:00)
    Itzhak Rabin Memorial Ceremony   November 5th, 2014
    Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)   April 16th, 2015
    Yom Hazikaron (Fallen Soldiers Memorial Day)   April 21st, 2015
    First Day of 1st Semester for 2015/2016    October 18th, 2015


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