Research Centers and Institutes

 Research Centers
Nearly 130 pioneering research centers and institutes at Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University has over 2,200 faculty members, among them internationally renowned scientists who've made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in fields as diverse as particle physics, cell biology, biotechnology, genetics, fiber optics, the humanities, arts and social sciences. Israel's largest and most comprehensive university, TAU is comprised of nine faculties, 27 schools, 98 departments and some 130 research institutes and centers. Institutes and centers support research in a specific field. Often interdisciplinary in nature, they provide a formal framework for researchers, as well as their master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral students, to collaborate and exchange ideas.


The University operates Israel's largest Supercomputer and the only astronomical observatory in the Middle East. Its Cereal Crops Improvement Institute has supplied improved varieties of seed to nations around the world. The University promotes a multidisciplinary approach to research in neuroscienceenvironmental studies, cardiac research, cancer research, energy studies, nanoscience and technologybioinformatics, aging, communications and cultural studies, among others.


The University enjoys extensive research contacts with leading academic and scientific institutions abroad, including over 150 cooperation agreements with universities in North and South America, Europe and Asia.



Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering



Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences



Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities



Buchmann Faculty of Law



George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences



Faculty of Management--Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration



Sackler Faculty of Medicine



Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences





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