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  • A Message from the President - Prof. Joseph Klafter

    Prof. Joseph Klafter

    Dear Visitor,

    Welcome to Tel Aviv University, Israel's largest and most influential institution of higher learning. 


    Ours is a university that is defined by ground-breaking research, leading researchers and faculty, a strong interdisciplinary focus, and the values of globalism, pluralism and social responsibility. The academic achievements of our researchers have been acknowledged by the many prestigious prizes that they have won, leading Tel Aviv University to being considered one of the world's top universities according to annual rankings. Our students are Israel's best and brightest. The quality education they receive here at TAU turns them into high-achieving – and socially-conscious – leaders of tomorrow.


    As a public university, we are devoted to playing our part in the advancement of society. We achieve this through our extensive social involvement programs, and our technology transfer efforts – where we ensure that discoveries made in TAU labs are turned into practical, often life-saving applications. Our campus is the lushest and most beautiful in all of Israel, and, like our host city Tel Aviv, it is defined by its dynamism and diversity.


    We are here to assist all those who want to learn and strengthen their connection to the University, be they our students, alumni, friends and supporters, in addition to the wider public in both Israel and abroad.



    Prof. Joseph Klafter,

    President, Tel Aviv University


    Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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