Partnerships at TAU


Tel Aviv University (TAU) recognizes the tremendous significance of global partnerships for all areas of academic life.  International collaboration is a strategic priority for the University, and we are committed to working across our nine faculties and with individual faculty members to foster research partnerships, mobility programs and joint teaching & degree programs


Currently, Tel Aviv University (TAU) partners with more than 280 academic institutions in 46 countries and is pursuing dozens of collaborations with top universities in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Read more about our existing partnerships and see our open calls for joint collaboration and funding


 Our Partnership Commitments


Dedication: At the core of each partnership is our commitment to excellence.


Reciprocity: We value and prioritize a collaborative and proactive approach.


Equality and Diversity: TAU is committed to a safe, inclusive and equitable learning and work environment for all.


Institutional Support: The Lowy International School is TAU’s dedicated office for supporting international partnerships at every stage.


Sustainability: We recognized the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and endeavor to address them through our partnerships and more.


 Why Partner With TAU?

A global university, TAU ranks first in Israel (THE & Taiwan rankings); as a top 100 innovation university (Reuters); and seventh in the world – and first outside the USA – for producing successful, VC-backed entrepreneurs. The University’s cutting-edge advancements are reinforced through ties with prominent research institutions ranging from NASA and Harvard to Tsinghua University and CERN.


We recognize the tremendous significance that global partnerships have for all areas of academic life, and we are deeply committed to our partners. Partnerships at Tel Aviv University are overseen by The Lowy International School, and staff members are dedicated to working with you to customize any potential program or collaboration. 


Our partnerships come in many shapes and forms, such as: collaborative research centers, joint research projects, joint academic programs, workshops and conferences, virtual collaborations, faculty or postdoctoral exchanges, visiting professorships and more. 


 What are the Benefits of an Academic Partnership? 


Knowledge Exchange: 

Joint collaboration allows scholars to share their expertise, research findings, and innovative ideas. This facilitates the exchange of knowledge, promotes interdisciplinary learning, and fosters intellectual growth.


Research and Innovation: 

Collaborating with other academic institutions enables researchers to pool their resources, skills, and expertise to conduct more comprehensive and impactful research and innovative solutions to complex problems.


Networking and Professional Development: 

Joint collaboration provides opportunities for researchers, scholars, and students to connect with peers, mentors, and experts in their respective fields, thereby expanding their professional network and enhancing their career prospects.


Resource Sharing: 

Collaborating institutions can leverage each other's resources, including libraries, laboratories, equipment, and funding opportunities. This enables them to access a broader range of resources and infrastructure, enhancing their research capabilities and academic offerings.


Internationalization and Global Perspective:

International collaborations promote internationalization, cultural exchange, and a global perspective to academic pursuits. It allows for cross-cultural understanding and encourages diverse viewpoints, leading to a more comprehensive and inclusive scholarship.



 Become a Partner

Interested in forming a partnership or visiting TAU? Our international development team members are happy to assist.


Sharon Ziv-Kafri, Director of International Development,

Konstantin Platonov, Director of Asia Engagement,

Roy Robinson, Director, North America office, 



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