Championing Legal Research

The Barbara Seal, CM, and Donald W. Seal, QC Research Floor will provide attractive and modern facilities for the Buchmann Faculty of Law's leading research institutes
25 June 2013
Judge Barbara Seal, CM, and Maitre Donald Seal, QC

The Seal Research Floor in the Trubowicz Law Building, Tel Aviv University’s oldest structure, was inaugurated by TAU Governors Judge Barbara Seal, CM, and Maitre Donald Seal, QC, of Montreal, Canada. The Floor will provide a modern, well-appointed home for the Buchmann Faculty of Law’s “nerve center,” where many of its cutting edge research institutes are located. Part of the Seals’ donation is being earmarked for much-needed fellowships for doctoral and post-doctoral students.


At the inauguration ceremony, which was moderated by TAU Resources Development Executive for English-Speaking Countries, Meir Buber, TAU President Joseph Klafter praised the Seals as the “driving force behind our Canadian Friends Association in Montreal,” and added that they had worked closely with the Jewish community to garner support for the University through the years. “Side by side they have opened their hearts and their homes generously in the service of the Canadian Friends and in support of Tel Aviv University,” he added.


Dean of Law Ron Harris said that TAU’s law faculty is the most prestigious and influential law school in Israel and, in many areas, among the top 20 law schools in the world. Its scholars frequently publish in the world’s leading law reviews and university presses, and are cited in law courts around the world, while its alumni hold some of the highest advisory and leadership positions in Israel’s legal system, Prof. Harris stressed.


For more than three decades Barbara Seal has dedicated herself to the Canadian Friends, including serving as their National President. She has been honored twice by the University, in 2002 with the TAU President’s Award and in 2007 with an honorary doctorate.


Pictured: Dean of Law Ron Harris, TAU President Joseph Klafter and Judge Barbara Seal, CM, and Maitre Donald Seal, QC


A retired Citizenship Court judge, Barbara Seal continues to preside at major citizenship ceremonies. She serves on some of Canada’s most distinguished boards, among them the National Arts Centre of Canada, the Segal Centre for Performing Arts, and the McGill University School for Continuing Studies. She is a former Hampstead City Municipal Councillor. Barbara Seal is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including Canada’s highest honor, the Order of Canada.


Donald Seal serves as a Director and the legal counsel of the Canadian Friends Association and holds a TAU honorary doctorate. A retired municipal judge, active practicing attorney and senior partner in his law firm, he has served as director and chairman of the board of numerous public and private companies. He graduated from McGill University in 1954, was received at the Bar in 1955, and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1974.


Maitre Seal welcomed the students at the ceremony, telling them that the floor was for them since they hold the keys to the future. “Barbara and I have devoted a large part of our lives to the law, an area which we love. In the legal profession you have to wear many hats – you have to be a counselor, social worker and psychologist to really help your clients.” Turning to Barbara, he said that although she is a retired citizenship judge in the province of Quebec, she was and still is the best judge they ever had. 


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