Water Revolution

TAU's Dr. Hadas Mamas is on a mission to solve the global water crisis.

25 May 2011
Water Revolution
By purifying wastewater, the world's supply of drinking water will be drastically increased

Israel’s water demand today far surpasses its supply of conventional water sources. Water engineering is therefore imperative to the county’s economic survival and prosperity.


Dr. Hadas Mamane, a prominent environmental engineer, is searching for new, environmentally friendly technologies to treat and disinfect water. After receiving her PhD in excellence from Duke University, she completed her post-doctoral studies at TAU’s Porter School of Environmental Studies – one of only a few schools in the world to unite researchers from diverse fields under one “green umbrella.” She also took part in a group project funded by the Office of the Chief Scientist to determine the optimal UV wavelength for keeping water clean of microorganisms and an EU project aimed at providing safe water to third world countries.


Today, Hadas serves as a new, young faculty recruit at Tel Aviv University’s Fleischman Faculty of Engineering. With a background in both industry and academia, she believes she can use her extensive experience to address today’s most pressing environmental challenges. “Israel is strong in inventing novel technologies and an excellent incubator for developing exotic water technologies,” Hadas explains. “I plan to make use of this entrepreneurial breeding ground and my ideas to the benefit of our precious water supply.”


Her interdisciplinary study draws on the expertise of colleagues in fields ranging from biology and ecology to optical physics and chemistry. Employing advanced oxidation and ultraviolet technologies, she is investigating the safest, most efficient way to turn wastewater into clean, drinkable water: “Providing safe drinking water is one of the big challenges facing the world today. I want to be part of the solution.”


Dr. Hadas Mamane works in collaboration with leading hydrogeochemist Prof. Dror Avisar of TAU’s Department of Geography and Human Environment, Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of the Humanities.

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