Prof. Yael Darr

M.A. in Child and Youth Culture Research
התכנית לתואר שני במחקר תרבות הילד והנוער סגל אקדמי בכיר
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Prof. Yael Darr
Phone: 03-6408410
Office: Gilman-humanities, 491


My studies address children's culture in general and children's literature in particular during the Jewish nation-building period in pre-state Palestine and the first decades of Israeli statehood.

In my book, U-mi-safsal ha-limudim lukakhnu: Ha-yishuv lenokhah sho’ah ve-likrat medina be-sifrut ha-yeladim heretz-yisre’elit, 1939-1948 (Called away from Our School-Desks: The Yishuv in the Shadow of the Holocaust and in Anticipation of Statehood in Children’s Literature of Eretz Yisrael, 1939-1948) (Darr 2006), I explored books and newspapers written and published for children in the Yishuv during World War II and up to the establishment of the State of Israel. I described the radical change in the metanarrative told to children as a response both to the devastating events taking place in Europe at the time and to the struggle against the British Mandate in Palestine.

My book, Kanon be-khamah kolot: Sifrut ha-yeladim shel tnu’at ha-po’alim, 1930-1950 (A Canon of Many Voices: Forming a Labor Movement for Children, 1930- 1950), (Darr 2013) focused on the political institutions that were responsible for the creation of a first Hebrew canon for children during the Yishuv era, that is, for the first widely accepted repertoire of Hebrew literary texts, authors, and literary models that was regarded as paradigmatic and of great cultural significance. It revealed the complex politics behind the hegemonic Labor movement literature written at that time and presented the multiple voices in the ongoing debate over the nature of that canon.

In recent years my main object of research has been the wide-reaching transformations that altered the Israeli children’s literary field during the State's first decades (funded by the Israel Science Foundation, ISF, 102/13). My latest book The Nation and the Child. Nation-Building in Hebrew Children’s Literature, 1930-1970. (Darr 2018) investigates the active role of children’s literature in the intensive cultural project of building a Hebrew nation.



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