Dr. Vered Silber Varod

The AI & Data Science Center
המרכז לבינה מלאכותית ומדעי הנתונים

General Information

Dr. Vered Silber-Varod is the principal Consultant for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS) at TAD. She has experience in leading research projects in the field of digital humanities and social sciences, and understanding of the challenges in the field, in theory and in practice.

Her academic work is characterized by interdisciplinarity, mainly of the interface between the spoken language and technological applications and in her doctoral thesis she combined linguistic knowledge with a large-scale corpus and analysis with computational tools.

From 2018 to 2022 she was the director of the Open Lab for Media and Information (OMILab) at the Open University of Israel. Between 2013-2017 she was the Research Fellow at the Center for Research on Innovation and Learning Technologies.

Over the years she was chairman and member of the committees of many academic conferences, local and international, and initiated many seminars and workshops. She has published dozens of articles in journals and at international conferences.


Digital Humanities and Social Sciences

Speech Prosody

Speech communication

Acoustic Phonetics

Text and speech analytics

Speech Technologies

Selected journal articles

Silber-Varod, V. & Amir, N. (2022). Word stress at utterance-final position: An acoustic study on Hebrew read sentences. Brill's Journal of Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics, 14(1). DOI: https://doi.org/10.1163/18776930-01401002

​Niebuhr, O. & Silber-Varod, V. (2021). How versatility performance influences perception of charismatic speech   – A study on two Israeli politicians​. In: Fischer​, K. & Haap, J. (Eds.), What Influences Influence? How the Communicative Situation Influences Persuasion, Special Issue of Interaction Studies Social Behaviour and Communication in Biological and Artificial Systems, volume 22 issue 3, pp. 303-342. doi: https://benjamins.com/catalog/is.00007.nie

Silber-Varod, V., Siegert, I., Jokisch, O., Sinha, Y., & Geri, N. (2021). A Cross-Language Study of Speech Recognition Systems for English, German and Hebrew. Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (OJAKM), Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 1-15. ​https://doi.org/10.36965/OJAKM.2021.9(1)1-15

Weise,A., Silber-Varod, V., Lerner,A., Hirschberg, J., Levitan, R. (2020). Entrainment in spoken Hebrew dialogues. In: J. Pardo, E. Pellegrino, V. Dellwo, and B. Möbius (Eds.), Special Issue on Vocal Accomodation in Speech Communication, Journal of Phonetics, Vol. 83. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.wocn.2020.101005

Lerner, A., Silber-Varod, V., Carmi, N., Guttel, Y., & Allouche Omri (2020). Modeling the dynamics of acoustic gaps between speakers during Business-to-Business sales calls. International Journal of Big Data Intelligence (IJBDI).https://doi.org/10.1504/IJBDI.2020.113821​

Silber-Varod, V., Eshet-Alkalai, Y., & Geri, N. (2019). Tracing Research Trends of 21st Century Learning Skills. British Journal of Educational Technology, 50(6), 3099–3118. https://doi.org/10.1111/bjet.12753

Silber-Varod, V. (2018). Is human-human spoken interaction manageable? The emergence of the concept Conversation Intelligence. Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (OJAKM). A Publication of the International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management, 6(1), 1-14. https://doi.org/10.36965/OJAKM.2018.6(1)1-14

Soffer, O., Segal, Z., Greidinger, N., Rusinek, S., & Silber-Varod, V. (2020). Computational Analysis of Historical Hebrew Newspapers: Proof of Concept. Zutot - Perspectives on Jewish Culture, 17(1): 97-110, Leiden: Brill. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1163/18750214-12171087

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