Dr. Roi Tartakovsky

Department of English and American Studies
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Dr. Roi Tartakovsky
Phone: 03-6405045
Office: Webb - School of Languages, 511


I am currently Senior Lecturer (with tenure) in the Department of English and American Studies. My academic interests include poetry, poetics, prosody, sound, punctuation,  psychoanalysis, literary theory, and cognitive aspects of figurative language. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses and advise PhD theses in these subject areas, and I am always enthusiastic to chat about anything related to English and American poetry (among my current favorite poets are E.E. Cummings, Emily Dickinson, and Robert Creeley, but that list keeps changing!). Before my  appointment at Tel Aviv University, I was a visiting scholar for two years in the Department of English at NYU. I have been serving as the Associate Editor of Poetics Today since 2021, and serving in the executive committee of the Language Theory forum of the MLA since 2023.


My academic interests include poetry, poetics, prosody, sound, punctuation, psychoanalysis, literary theory, and cognitive aspects of figurative language.





Tartakovsky, Roi. Surprised by Sound: Rhyme's Inner Workings. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State UP, 2021. 


Articles and Chapters

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Tartakovsky, Roi. Special Issue: Free Verse Rhythms. Style 49.1 (2015): 1-111.

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