Prof. Shimon Rochkind

Retired in Clinical Departments
מחלקות קליניות בדימוס
Prof. Shimon Rochkind
Fax: 03-6413803


Director, Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction division of the Department of Neurosurgery, Tel Aviv University

Senior Neurosurgeon and Specialist in Neurosurgery & Microsurgery, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center 




1975 Higher medical education, graduated with honors Ivano-Frankivsk Medical Institute, USSR
1976-1978 Specialization in the Department of Neurosurgery Ivano-Frankivsk City Hospital, USSR
1979-1981 Specialization in the Neurosurgery Department  Rambam Medical Center, Israel
1981-1988 Specialization in the Department of Neurosurgery  Sourasky Medical Center, Israel
1989-1990 Training Course in Pediatric Neurosurgery Children’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada
1992 Advanced course on restoration of the brachial plexus and peripheral nerves of the upper and lower extremities Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa



Known around the world for his research on nerve regeneration and nerve transplantation, Dr. Rochkind is currently researching the influence of low power laser irradiation on severely injured peripheral nerves, brachial plexus, cauda equina and spinal cord. He is also studying spinal cord transplantation followed by low power laser treatment, microsurgical reconstruction of the peripheral nerve and brachial plexus.


His clinical and research interests are focused on the development and clinical use of modern microsurgical and reconstructive techniques for the treatment of peripheral nerve tumors in experimental studies on the restoration of the full damage of the peripheral nerves and spinal cord using bioengineering techniques of nerve cell tissues, as well as the development of the pilot laser technology and methodology for the treatment of damaged peripheral nerves. Dr. Rochkind holds 8 patents issued in the United States, Israel and Europe.



Since 2005

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