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Prof. Ping Zhang
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Ping Zhang 张平 received a B.A. degree in Chinese literature and a M.A. degree in world literature from Peking University. He received a Ph.D. degree in comparative philosophy from Tel Aviv University in 2000, 6 years after he arrived in Israel. Ping Zhang is currently Professor Haver of Chinese and East Asian Studies at Department of East Asian Studies, Tel Aviv University.

Ping Zhang's research interests are inter-traditional dialogue between Chinese and Jewish traditions. One of his current projects is the study and the translation of The Mishnah into Chinese (see reports on the project here and here).

Ping Zhang is also an active Chinese blogger and a columnist. His non-academic publications cover a wide range of topics, including history and politics in Middle East, culture and life in Israel, Chinese and Jewish tradition, translations of modern Israeli literature (including S.Y. Agnon's stories and Hanoch Levin's dramas), poems, photos, etc.. 





Avot: The Wisdom of Our Fathers, Co-authored with Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, (Chinese 阿伯特——犹太智慧书), Beijing, The Press of Chinese Academy of Social Science, 1996(94 pp.).

The Jewish Way of the World - Derech Eretz Zuta (Chinese 天下通道精义篇——犹太处世书), Beijing, Beijing University Press, 2003 (114 pp.)

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Requiem: A Selective Anthology of Hanoch Levin’s Dramas. Co-authored with Huang Jisu, Sun Zhaoyong. (introduction and concluding paper by Zhang Ping) (Chinese 安魂曲:汉诺赫·列文戏剧精选集). Beijing: The Commercial Press, 2017 (304 pp.)

The Mishnah: A Study and Translation of Seder Moed (Chinese 密释纳——有关节期部的研究与翻译). Jinan, Shandong University Press, 2018 (estimated, 560 pp.)



Basic Chinese, Co-authored with Li Zhang, (Hebrew), Israel, Prolog Press, 2008 (pp. 224)



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