Dr. Ronit Purian

היחידה לסטודנטים מחו"ל מורה מן החוץ


Ronit Purian, PhD, is TAU City Center's manager. She is interested in the behavioural, social and public aspects of technology management and information systems; data mining, and the design of complex systems.


Ph.D. in Technology Management and Information Systems (2007-2010)
Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University
Dissertation: "Technophilia: from Entertainment to Productivity and E-Government – a New Multilevel Concept for Technology Adoption". Supervisors: Niv Ahituv and Phillip Ein-Dor.

M.A. in Psychology – Psychobiology (1995-1999)
Department of Psychology, Tel Aviv University
Thesis: "On Learning to Read and its Difficulties: Artificial Orthographic Tests". Supervisor: Uri Hadar.

B.A. in Psychology and Multidisciplinary-Cognitive Studies (1991-1994)
Department of Psychology and Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University

Awards and Prizes

  • How Should the Completeness and Quality of Curated Nanomaterial Data Be Evaluated? (2016). Nanoscale, issue 19. Co-authored with a group of European and US researchers. http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/C5NR08944A
  • Purian, R. (2015). Size Tackles Quality: Insights from a Simple E-Government Evaluation Index. Proceedings of the AIS SIGPRAG on Practice-based Design and Innovation of Digital Artifacts. http://media.sigprag.net/2015/12/Purian-E-government-evaluation-index.pdf
  • Purian, R. (2014). A Decade of E-Government Indexes: The Emerging Mode of Participative Communication. An International Journal on Information Technology, Action, Communication and Workpractices, Special issue on Government – citizen communication through the web, Vol. 8, No. 1. www.sysiac.org/?pageId=43
  • Purian, R. (2012). Service quality and trust in e-government: Utilizing the rich measures of system usage to predict trustworthiness. UK Academy for Information Systems Conference Proceedings 2012. 37. http://aisel.aisnet.org/ukais2012/37
  • Purian, R., Ahituv, N. and Ashkenazy, A. (2012). The richness of barriers to public participation: Multi-layered system of real estate data from multiple sources. MCIS 2012 Proceedings. 17. http://aisel.aisnet.org/mcis2012/17
  • Purian, R. (2011). Value of Information in the Network: The Change in Pragmatic and Ethical Criteria. MCIS 2011 Proceedings. 107. http://aisel.aisnet.org/mcis2011/107
  • Purian, R. (2011). Technophilia: A New Model For Technology Adoption. UK Academy for Information Systems Conference Proceedings 2011. 41. http://aisel.aisnet.org/ukais2011/41
  • Purian, R., Ahituv, N. and Ein-Dor, P. (2010). Evaluating and Ranking Local E-Government Services. MCIS 2010 Proceedings. 68. http://aisel.aisnet.org/mcis2010/68
  • Purian, R. (2010). Indexing and theorizing local e-government. UK Academy for Information Systems Conference Proceedings 2010. 35. http://aisel.aisnet.org/ukais2010/35

Upcoming course

Smart Cities – International TAU summer course: https://urban.tau.ac.il/events/Course_2018

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Smart Cities blog: https://urban.tau.ac.il/news/blog

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