Prof. Orna Elroy-Stein

Molecular Cell Biology and Bio
ביולוגיה מולקולרית של התא ולב סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Orna Elroy-Stein
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Prof. Orna Elroy-Stein is a Full professor in the Department of Cell Research and Immunology at the Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, and a member of the Sagol School of Neuroscience. She received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the Technion, her Ph.D. on Human Molecular Genetics at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, and her postdoctoral training at the Lab of Viral Diseases, NIAID, Maryland, USA.


Research Interests

The lab is engaged with various research topics, all related to regulation of mRNA translation in mammalian cells in health and disease.  Regulation of gene expression at the level of mRNA translation into proteins is fundamental to growth, differentiation and development of multi-cellular organisms. We are interested in:

  • the molecular mechanisms that govern global rates of protein synthesis in response to physiological and stress signals;
  • and the molecular mechanisms regulating the translation of specific mRNAs.


Recent Publications

For a full list, please visit her website:


Aviner R., Geiger T., Elroy-Stein, O.  Genome-wide identification and quantification of protein synthesis in cultured cells and whole tissues by puromycin-associated nascent chain proteomics (PUNCH-P)  (2014) Nature Protocols 9(4), 751-760


Aviner R., Geiger T., Elroy-Stein, O. (2014)  PUNCH-P for global translatome profiling: Methodology, insights and comparison to other techniques.  Translation1(1), eLocation ID: e27516


Aviner R., Geiger T., Elroy-Stein, O.  (2013) Novel Proteomic Approach (PUNCH-P) Reveals Cell Cycle Specific Fluctuations in mRNA Translation.   Genes Dev. 27,1834-1844


Barhoom S., Farrell I., Shai B., Dahari D., Cooperman B.S., Smilansky Z., Elroy-Stein O., Ehrlic (2013) Dicodon monitoring of protein synthesis (DiCoMPS) reveals levels of synthesis of a viral protein in single cells.  Nucleic Acids Res. Aug 21, 1-10. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkt686


Cabilly Y., Barbi M., Geva M., Marom L., Chetrit D., Ehrlich M., Elroy-Stein O. (2012)Poor cerebral inflammatory response in eIF2B knock-in mice: implications for the aetiology of vanishing white matter disease.  PLoS One 7(10):e46715.


Marom L., Ulitsky I., Cabilly Y., Shamir R., Elroy-Stein O. (2011) A point mutation in translation initiation factor eIF2B leads to function- and time- specific changes in brain gene expression.  PLoS One 6(10):e26992.


Barhoom S., Kaur J., Cooperman B.S., Smorodinsky N.I., Smilansky Z., Ehrlich M., Elroy-Stein O. (2011) Quantitative single cell monitoring of protein synthesis at subcellular resolution using fluorescently labeled tRNA. Nuc. Acids Res. 39(19):e129.


Sivan G., Aviner R., Elroy-Stein O.(2011) Mitotic Modulation of Translation Elongation Factor 1 Leads to Hindered tRNA Delivery to Ribosomes. J. Biol. Chem. 286, 27927-27935.


Mor E., Cabilly Y., Goldshmit Y., Zalts H., Modai S., Edry L., Elroy-Stein O., Shomron N. (2011) Species-specific microRNA roles elucidated following astrocyte activation. Nuc. Acids Res. 39(9), 3710-3723.


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