Prof. Matthew Morgenstern

Department of Hebrew Language
חוג ללשון עברית סגל אקדמי בכיר
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Prof. Matthew Morgenstern
Phone: 03-6406353
Office: Rosenberg - Jewish Studies, 214


Full Professor in the Department of Hebrew Language and Semitic Linguistics. 





1987-1990    Cambridge University, Social and Political Science


1991-1992    University College, London, Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies

                   MA (with distinction)

1993-1996    Hebrew University of Jerusalem,  Hebrew Language

                   MA (summa cum laude)

1997-2002    Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Aramaic Language in the Responsa of the Babylonian Geonim   

                   PhD (summa cum laude)



List of Scientific Publications

 Authored Book

  1. Matthew Morgenstern, Studies in Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Based upon Early Manuscript Sources (Harvard Semitic Studies, 2011)
  2. James Nathan Ford and Matthew Morgenstern, Aramaic Incantation Bowls in Museum Collections Volume One: The Frau Professor Hilprecht Collection of Babylonian Antiquities, Jena (Brill, 2019). 
  3. Matthew Morgenstern and Ohad Abudraham, The Persistence of Magic – The Transmission of Mandaic Magic Formulae in Early and Late Witnesses (Uppsala, forthcoming).

Refereed articles in Journals

  1. Matthew Morgenstern, Elisha Qimron and Daniel Sivan
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    'הערות ללשון קומראן'.
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    'המושא הישיר בארמית הבבלית'.
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 Chapters in Books

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Encyclopaedia entries

  1. Matthew Morgenstern, 'Second Temple Hebrew',  'Pronouns, Personal Independent', 'Temporal Clause, Rabbinic Hebrew', 'Result Clause, Rabbinic Hebrew' in G. Khan et. al, Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics (Leiden: Brill, 2013).
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Digital humanities projects

  • Hundreds of my photographs of Aramaic magic bowls are available at the Virtual Magic Bowl Archive (VMBA) photographic archive:
  • Results of the Mandaic Lexicon project, including digital editions of all major Mandaean works, is incorporated into the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon: 
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