Prof. Miguel Weil

Dep. of Cell Research and Immunology
מח חקר התא ואימונולוגיה סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Miguel Weil
Phone: 03-6406981
Fax: 03-6422046
Office: Britannia-Porter, 231

Research Interests

My research interests include:

  • The role of programmed cell death (PCD) in the developing nervous system.
  • Molecular signaling pathways that regulate, PCD and cell proliferation which determine cell numbers at the time of neural tube closure in the chicken embryo.
  • Regulation of the apoptotic pathway in the neural tube cells and their implication in neural tube defects.
  • Cell cycle regulation in the developing neuroepithelia of the chicken embryo and its effects on neural tube development.
  • Neuronal differentiation of human embryonic and adult stem cells to study Familial Dysautonomia (FD) and other neurodegenerative disceases


Recent Publications

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