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חוג להסטוריה של עם ישראל סגל אקדמי בכיר
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Maoz Kahana (PhD) is a senior lecturer in the Jewish History Department, Tel Aviv University.

His research focuses on deciphering and elucidating rabbinical literature and Jewish law and legal cultures within the social and intellectual contexts of the early modern and modern European history as well as its minority Jewish culture. 

His research and teaching integrates intellectual and social history; legal and cultural methods.

Characteristic themes of his work are print and book history, the scientific revolution, magic, law, and the divine; Rabbi's allure to Sabbatian literature, Chassidic Halakhic writings, Jewish legal cultures and European romanticism,  the emergence of European coffeehouses, and others.

His book: Halakhic Writing in a Changing World, from the ‘Noda B’yhuda’ to the ‘Hatam Sofer’, 1730-1839, based on his doctoral dissertation, is forthcoming by the Zalman Shazar Publication House, Jerusalem. His current work is a book deals with Modernity and Nomos:  Jewish Law in its historical contexts.

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