Prof. Oded Lipschits

ארכיאולוגיה סגל אקדמי בכיר


Place and Date of Birth: Jerusalem, May 15, 1963

ZAHAL (Israeli) Military Service: 1981 – 1985 (in reserve until 2008) Rank: Major.

Marital status: Married to Yael (Moreno) Lipschits;

No. of Children: 4 - Or (1989), Tal (1993), Na’amah (1997), ‘Iddo (2002).








Area of Specialization


Tel Aviv University


(summa cum laude)

Department of Jewish history

Department of Archaeology


Tel Aviv University


(summa cum laude)

Department of Jewish history (changed to Direct PhD course)


Tel Aviv University


Department of Jewish history (Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies)

Doctoral Dissertation: “The ‘Yehud’ Province under Babylonian Rule (586-539 B.C.E.): Historic Reality and Historiographic Conceptions”. Supervisor: Prof. Nadav Na'aman.



Incumbent, the Austria Chair of the Archeology of the Land of Israel in the Biblical Period

Director, Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology

Head, Ancient Israel Studies – Overseas MA program of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, Tel Aviv University.

Head, Ancient Israel Studies – MA program within the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, Tel Aviv University.

Director, The Ramat-Raḥel Archaeological Project (together with Prof. Yuval Gadot, Tel Aviv University, and Prof. Manfred Oeming, Heidelberg University).

Director, The Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition (together with Prof. Yuval Gadot, Tel Aviv University, and Prof. Manfred Oeming, Heidelberg University).


Address: Tel Aviv University, P.O.B. 39040, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, 69978, Israel.

Home Address: Alon Ha-Galil, 17920, Israel. 

Phone No. (Office) 03-6409952




The Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition:

The Ramat Raḥel Excavation's website:

The Moẓa Expedition Project:



Full Curriculum Vitae 




Research Students

Students Supervised


Doctoral Students:

1.     Ester Shoham - The Crystallization of the Samaritans during the Persian Period. [Submitted 12\2010]

2.        Omer Sergi – The Formation of the Kingdom of Judah in the 9th Century BCE and its Reflection in Biblical Historiography.

[Submitted 9\2012]

3.     Karen Covello-Paran - The Jezreel Valley during the Intermediate Bronze Age - Social and Cultural Landscapes (Together with Prof. Israel Finkelstein). [Submitted 6\2014]

4.        Ido Koch – The Shephelah Region during the Iron Age (together with Prof. Nadav Na'aman). [Submitted 5\2015]

5.        Liora Freud – Judahite Pottery of the Transition Phase between the Iron Age and Persian Period. [Submitted 2\2018]

6.        Yoon, Kook Young – Typology and Petrography of the Judahite Pillar Figurine (together with Prof. Yuval Goren).

7.        Ephrat Bocher – Late Persian Period/Early Hellenistic Material Culture in Judah and Samaria (together with Prof. Israel Finkelstein).

8.        Yitzhak LeeSak – Benjamin in History and in Biblical Historiography.

9.        Sabine Metzer - The potters of the Shephelah: Between tradition and innovation –Pottery Technology and Distribution, as a Reflection of Social and Economic Order during the Bronze and Early Iron Age. (Together with Prof. Yuval Gadot and Dr. Anat Cohen-Weinberger [IAA]).

10.   Débora Sandhaus (Reem) – The Nexus of Cultures: The Central Shephelah during the Persian and Hellenistic Periods (together with Prof. Yuval Gadot).

11.  Vanessa Linares – "The Invisible Trade": Organic Residue Analysis of Small Ceramic Vessels during the Middle Bronze and Late Bronze Ages (together with Prof. Ronny Neumann and Prof. Yuval Gadot).

12.   Abra Spiciarich - Religious and Socioeconomic Diversity of Ancient Jerusalem and its Hinterland: A View from the Faunal Remains (together with Dr. Lidar Sapir-Hen and Prof. Israel Finkelstein).

13.   Alon Wagner - The Historical Geography of the Book of Numbers.

14.  Shua kisilevitz –Cult in Iron IIa Judah – The Temple at Moza as a case study (together with Prof. Israel Finkelstein).

15.  Debora Aymbinderow – Oil Production in 8th-7th centuries BCE Judah (together with Dr. Ido Koch).

16.   Yoav Vaknin – Key Issues in the Chronology of the Southern Levant in the Iron Age (1050-586 BCE): Archaeomagnetic Synchronization of Destruction Layers and its implications (together with Prof. Erez Ben Yosef and Ron Shaar).

17.   Nitsan Shalom - How to Destroy a City: Historical Reconstruction of the 586 BCE Babylonian Conquest of Jerusalem, Based on Textual, Macroarchaeological and Microarchaeological Analysis (together with Prof. Yuval Gadot and Prof. Elisabetta Boaretto).

18.   Alexandra Wrathall – The Judahite Lowland in the 7th Century BCE.

19.   Jacob Schreibman - Comparison of Mud-Bricks ingredients as a possible basis for Chronological Identification (together with Prof. Yuval Gadot).




MA Students:

1.     Ido Koch – Dating the Rosette Stamp Impressions from the Kingdom of Judah and the Origin of the Rosetta Ideogram in Judah (together with Prof. Nadav Na'aman). [Submitted 12\2008]

2.     Nirit Kedem-Shimon – Changes in the Architecture and Site Formation at Ramat Rahel between the Iron Age and the Hellenistic Period. [Submitted 12\2009]

3.     Veronica Zlatcowski –  The Administrative Center in Ramat Rahel during the Iron Age and the Persian Period in light of the Analysis of the Distribution of the Finds from Aharoni's Excavations (1954, 1959-1962). [Submitted 3\2010]

4.     Lior Marom – The Garden and the Water System – Area C1 in Ramat Rahel Excavations (2005-2007). [Submitted 4\2010]

5.     Shira Gurvin – Technology and Function of Judean Bullae from the First Temple Period (together with Prof. Yuval Goren). [Submitted 8\2010]

6.     Liora Freud - The Longue Durée of the 7th Century BCE - A Study of the Iron Age Pottery Vessels from Ramat Raḥel. [Submitted 6\2011]

7.     Ephrat Bocher – The yršlm Stamp Impressions from the Early Hellenistic Period. [Submitted 4\2012]

8.     Shatil Emmanuilov – Tel Azekah in Light of the Archaeological Survey (together with Yuval Gadot). [Submitted 5\2012]

9.     Boaz Gross – Gardens in the Ancient Near-East and the Garden at Ramat Rahel. [Submitted 12\2012]

10.  Lianne Merkur - Perceptions of the Past in Conflicted Societies: the Case of Lod, Israel (together with Yuval Gadot). [Submitted 1\2014]

11.  Sharon Napchan - Bliss and Macalister's Excavations at Tell Zakariya (1898-1899) in Light of Modern Research. [Submitted 4\2014]

12.  Alon Wagner - Genesis 14: Its Literary Growth, Its Messages, and their Historical Contexts. [Submitted 4\2014]

13.  Gennadiy Shoykhedbrod - Pax Assyriaca: Did Assyrian Imperialism Introduce Economic Prosperity in Judah (together with Dr. Alexander Fantalkin). [Submitted 6\2014]

14.  Michael Millman - Archaeomagnetic Constraints on the Chronology of the Judean Stamped Jar Handles (together with Erez Ben Yosef). [Submitted 9\2014]

15.  Sara Hirschberg – The Mamilah Farm-House and the Agricultural Area around Jerusalem. [Submitted 12\2014]

16.  Abra Spiciarich - Dietary Habits and Identity of Early Roman Jerusalem as Reflected in the Kidron Valley Landfill Faunal Assemblage (together with Dr. Lidar Sapir-Hen and Prof. Yuval Gadot). [Submitted 3\2015]

17.  Sabine Metzer - “On the Eve of Destruction”: Analyzing the Chronology, Function and Distribution pattern of a Late Bronze Pottery Assemblage from Tel Azekah (together with Prof. Yuval Gadot). [Submitted 3\2015]

18.  Michal Weinberger – Khirbet el-Burj and Jerusalem Surroundings in the Late Iron Age and the Persian Period. [Submitted 4\2015]

19.  Yoav Tsur - Tel Socoh in Light of the Archaeological Survey (together with Yuval Goren and Yuval Gadot). [Submitted 5\2015]

20.  Vanessa Linares - Assessing Canaanite Livelihood in Tel Azekah: Organic Residue Analysis of Late Bronze Age Material Culture (together with Dr.  Dvory Namder, Prof. Yuval Gadot). [Submitted 6\2015]

21.  Sarah Richardson - A Late Bronze Production Kit: The Origin, Use, and Implications of the Assemblage Found in Area T2 of Tel Azekah during the 2014 Season. [Submitted 8\2016]

22.  Noa Shatil – Persian Period and-Early Hellenistic Pottery from Tell Azekah: Typology, Chronology and Identity. [Submitted 9\2016]

23.  Joshua Errington – Processes in Site Formation of Tel Azekah from the Early Bronze until the Hellenistic Period. [Submitted 10\2016]

24.  Christina Jones - Inter-Regional Connections during the Late Bronze Age as Reflected through the Animal Economy: Azekah – a Case Study (together with Dr. Lidar Sapir-Chen and Dr. Omer Sergi). [Submitted 3\2017]

25.  Nitsan Shalom – Changes in Settlement Patterns in Judah between the Persian and the Early Hellenistic Periods. [Submitted 9\2017]

26.  Sean Dugaw – A Typology of Arrowheads from the Late Iron Age and Persian Period Judah and its Historical Implications (together with Dr. Guy Stiebel). [Submitted 12\2017]

27.  ZhiXia Chen - From East to West: Chinese Porcelain Found in Israel from Early Islamic and Crusader Periods (together with Dr. Edna Stern, IAA, and Dr. Asaf Goldschmidt, TAU). [Submitted 3\2018]

28.  Danilo R. Giordano - Cultural contact between Mitanni and Southern Canaan during Egyptian Occupation: A study of Mitannian Cylinder Seals (together with Dr. Amir Gilan). [Submitted 3\2018]

29.  Schreibman Jacob - Comparison of Mud-Bricks ingredients as a possible basis for Chronological Identification (together with Prof. Yuval Gadot). [Submitted 3\2018]

30.  Barnea Se-Lavan – Animal and Fowl Fat in Nutrition, Archaeology, ANE Texts, Bible, Talmud, and Anthropology (together with Prof. Ran Zadok). [Submitted 3\2018]

31.  Jenna Hockema - Archaeomagnetism of Rhodian Amphorae Stamped Jar Handles: Contribution to the Study of Hellenistic Jerusalem (together with Dr. Erez Ben Yosef). [Submitted 6\2018]

32.   Alexandra Wrathall - A Pits Perspective: An Early Iron IIB Ceramic Assemblage from Tel Azekah, Typology, Chronology, and Context (together with Prof. Yuval Gadot). [Submitted 10\2018]

33.   Yoav Vaknin – The Potential for Synchronization of Destruction Levels from the Iron Age (1150-586 BCE) by Using Paleomagnetism (together with Prof. Erez Ben Yosef). An equal Submission to MA Thesis as part of a PhD Track [Submitted 10\2018]

34.  Maya Hadash – The Cypriot Import Assemblage from Late Bronze Tel Azekah: Chronological, Typological, and Inter-Regional Implications (together with Prof. Yuval Gadot and Prof. Assaf Yasur-Landau). [Submitted 11\2018]

35.  Roni Hoofien – The Beads Assemblage from Tel-Azekah as an Instrument for Understanding the Cultural, Economic and Trade Relations (together with Dr. Daniella Bar-Yosef). [Submitted 11\2018]

36.  Muduan Liu - Egyptian Interventions in the Southern Levant during the Rule of the 28th–30th Dynasties (404–342 BCE): An Archaeological Investigation (together with Dr. Shirly Ben-Dor Evian). [Submitted 6\2019]

37.  Li Mengmeng - Archaeomagnetic Dating of the Judean Pillar Figurines (together with Dr. Erez Ben Yosef).

38.  Jonathan Parker - Determining Whether or Not the Formation of the Kingdom of Edom Predates the Advent of the Neo-Assyrian Hegemony over the Southern Levant (together with Dr. Omer Sergi).

39.  Barak Ayali – Tribal Groups and Their Place in the History of Ancient Israel through Biblical Historiography (together with Dr. Omer Sergi).

40.  Ruth Sapan – The “Gěbîrâ” at the Service of the Deuteronomist (together with Dr. Omer Sergi).

41.  Lior Sherban – Regional and Inter-Regional Social Networks in the Shephelah between the Iron Age IIC and the Persian Period: A View from Tel Lachish (together with Dr. Ido Koch).

42.  Elijah Kollin – The Animal Economy of a Border Town: Iron Age II and Persian Period Faunal Remains from Tel Azekah (together with Dr. Lidar Sapir-Chen).

43.  Madeleine Butcher - Cylindrical Holemouth Jars from the Kingdom of Israel: Analysis of Typology, Distribution and Historical Context (together with Dr. Omer Sergi).

44.  Jordan Weitzel - Burial Habits in the Iron I–Iron IIA Jezreel Valley: Social Structure, Ritual Practice and Ideology with Case Studies from Ḥorvat Tevet and Tel Shaddud (together with Dr. Omer Sergi).

45.  Maddison Quail-Gates - Red, White and Blue: Corpus, Typology and Function (together with Prof. Yuval Gadot and Prof. Assaf Yassur-Landau).



Post-Doctorat under Supervision:

1.      Dr. Shlomit Weksler Bdolah (2013-2014)

2.      Dr. David Kertai (2014-2015)

3.      Dr. Yoav Farhi (2015-2016)

4.      Dr. Shirly Ben-Dor – Evian (2015-2016)

5.      Dr. Aharon Tavger (2018-2019)


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