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Prof. Drorit Neumann
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Professor, Department of Cell And Developmental Biology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine

Chair, M.Sc. Studies, Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson Graduate School of Medicine, Sackler Faculty of Medicine



Erythropoietin and Its Receptor in Health and Disease – Basic and Clinical Aspects


Our research is focused on erythropoietin (EPO), the major hormone that regulates erythropoiesis, operating via activation of its cell surface receptor (EPO-R) on erythroid progenitor cells. Our choice to work on this EPO/EPO-R system was initiated to employ it as a model for understanding basic mechanisms of hormone/receptor function and regulation. Through this research we made a novel, original discovery, together with Prof. Mittelman from the Sourasky Medical Center, suggesting that EPO may actually act as a pleiotropic hormone with anti-neoplastic, immunomodulatory activities.


Our research is thus focused on both the basic mechanisms of hormone/receptor interaction, as well as the function of this hormone as an immunomodulator. The studies are based on a variety of in-vitro and murine experimental models, and include also an avenue of elucidating the relevance and possible clinical application of the results.




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Chapters & Reviews

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