Prof. Eyal Naveh

Emeritus in Department of History
Core Curriculum Program
חוג להסטוריה כללית אמריטוס
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Prof. Eyal Naveh
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1974-1977 B.A. in History, Tel Aviv University, Summa Cum Laude (awarded 1977).                                          

1977-1980 M.A. in History, Tel Aviv University, Summa Cum Laude (awarded 1980).

1981-1986 Ph.D., UC Berkeley, CA, USA.         


Title of Master’s thesis:

‘Big Business’ Spokesmen in America: Attitude, Mentality and Ideology, 1919-1929

Names of supervisors: Dr. H.. Hurvitz

Title of Doctoral dissertation:

Political Martyrdom in America: From Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Name of supervisors:  Prof. Paula Fass

                                Prof. Samuel Haber

                                Prof. Robert Bellah



1977-1980 Teaching credential in history, Tel Aviv University (awarded 1980).    

1980-1981 Cultural Studies, Ecole Des Hautes Etudes Paris, France (no degree).



1986-1990 Tel Aviv University, History, Lecturer

1986-1991 Tel Aviv University, Overseas, Adjunct lecturer

1990-2001 Tel Aviv University, History, Senior lecturer

1992-2009 Tel Aviv University, Law, Adjunct Asso. Prof.

2001-2012 Tel Aviv University, History, Associate Prof.

2012-present Tel Aviv University, History, Full Professor.

2014-present, Tel Aviv University, International B.A. in liberal Arts, Adjunct Prof. 

Summer 1990, Summer 1991, Fall 1991, Summer 1998  U.C. Berkeley, History, Visiting Associate-Professor.

Summer 1992, Summer 1993 Cornell University, History, Visiting Associate-Professor.

1987 - 2011 Kibbutzim College of Education, History, Professor and Member of the Academic Council.

2013-present Kibbutzim College of Education, Head of the Academic council.

2003-2007 Tel Aviv University, Head of the Multidisciplinary Program in the Humanities.                                              

2012-2016 Tel Aviv University, Head of the Department of General History.         

Summer 2006 University of Toronto, Political Science, Visiting Prof.

Fall 2007 Venice International University, Humanities, Visiting Prof.

Spring 2017 University of Vienna, History, Visiting Prof.



1992 Bloomington, Indiana, USA, “Niebuhr's Political Thought”.

1994 American Studies Conference, Haifa, Israel, “Martyred Presidents in America”.   

1995 ACA Oxford, England, “Niebuhr's Non Utopian Liberalism”.

1998 European Association of American Studies, Lisbon, Portugal, “Lincoln's Martyrdom”.

1998 America beyond Its Borders, Paris, France, “America's Image in Israel”.

2000 Memory and History: Remembering, Forgetting and Forgiving in the Life of the Nation and the Community, Cape Town, South Africa, “Reconciled Textbooks in a Comparative Approach”.

2000 XXII International Conference for the History of Education, Alcala De Henares, Spain, “The Assassinated Leader as an Educational Icon”.

2000 Israeli Academic Center, Cairo, Egypt, “U.S Foreign Policy in the Middle East”.

2000 Holocaust Education International Conference, Weimar, Germany, “Holocaust Education in Israel”.

2002 History Education, Sinaia, Romania, “History Education and Textbooks”.

2003 Unraveling the Thread of Time, Moscow, Russia, “The Public Uproar over History Textbooks in Israel”.

2004 Annual Conference of the Israeli Historical Association, Jerusalem, Israel, “Liberal Nationalism – The American Case”.

2004 Recontre De’Histoire Et Rencontre De L’Autre, International Conference of History Didactics, Rabat, Morocco, “’What is Your Story’ – a Two Narrative Approach in an Israeli-Palestinian History Textbook”.

2004 Council of Europe, Strasburg France, Workshop on the European Dimension of History.

2004 Salzburg Seminar, Salzburg, Austria, The Practical Application of  History for the Contemporary World.

2005 International, Conference on Secondary School history Education Reform in the Aftermath of a Violent Conflict, Warrenton, Virginia, USA, “Post-conflict vs. Inter-conflict Reforms of History Education”.

2006 An International Conference on History, Teaching in Disputed Areas, Macedonia, The Palestinian Israeli Conflict and Its Representation in Textbooks.

2007 Emory University, Atlanta GA, USA, "National History - Who is to Decide".

2008 Euroclio International Conference, Bristol, UK, “Teaching History in Conflict Situations”.

2008 Conference on Variety of sources and Means of teaching history, Sofia, Bulgaria, "Learning Each Other's Narrative: History Project in Israel and Palestine”.

2008 Conference on Tolerance Building Through History Education, Tbilisi Georgia, “The Role of Controversial History in School Curriculum”.

2009 Den Hague, the Netherlands, "A two narrative approach in History education in conflict Zones".                                                           

2010 Istanbul, Turkey, "Israel and Palestine: Learning The Other Historical Narrative in Midst of an Ongoing Conflict”.

2010 Berkeley, USA, "Failed Success of Successful Failure: Writing a Palestinian Israeli Joint History Textbook". 

2010 Braunschweig Germany, "The impact of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict on History Education in Israel".

2010 Kungelv, Sweden, "Dual Narrative in History Textbooks as a Leaning Device Toward Reconciliation".

2011 Providence, RI, USA, "Prime Dual Narrative Project: Israelis and Palestinians. Working Together for a Better Future".

2011 Doha, Qatar, "Dealing with the Past to Build a Better Future - The Role of Teaching History".

2012. Pula, Croatia, “Using Dual Narrative Approach to Teach History in Conflict Areas”.

2012 Montclair State University, New York, USA, “Teaching History: Cultural Narratives and Democratic Citizenship”.

2012 Nicosia, Cyprus, “Changing Attitudes by Listening to Each Other's Story”.                                                       

2012, Taipei, Taiwan, “Cross-National Joint Construction Experience of Textbooks. The Case of Israel- Palestine”.                                                          . 

2013 The Republic of Crimea, “Palestinian and Israeli Narratives: The Path for Mutual Understanding”.

2013 Oxford, England, “Public Debates over History Education in Israel: The Case of the Dual Narrative Textbook”.

2014 Nurnberg, Germany, “Holocaust Education in Multicultural Israel”.

2014 Budapest, Hungary, “Narratives of Violence in History Textbooks”.

2014 Fribourg, Switzerland, “Public Controversy Over History Education in Israel: The Case of the War of Independence / Nakba”.

2015 Tel Aviv, Israel, “History Education and Truth Commissions”.

2015 Helsingor, Denmark, “Promoting Democracy through History Education”.

2015 Warsaw, Poland, “The end of WWII in Israeli Historical Narrative”.

2015 Tel Aviv, Israel, “Christianity in Israel History Textbooks", Symposium Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council ‘Nostra Aetate’ Declaration.

2016 Sussex, UK, “’Successful Failure’ Writing a Dual Narrative: Israeli Palestinian History Textbook”.

2017 Warsaw, Poland, “Polish Representations in Israeli History Textbooks”.

2017 Warsaw, Poland, “Dual Narrative approach to History in Conflict Zones: The Israeli Palestinian Case”.

2017 Los Angeles, CA, US, “PRIME Experience in Writing Israeli Palestinian History Textbook”.



1988 Fulbright – Council of International Scholars (CIES), Washington, DC, USA.

1991 Fulbright – American Council for Learned Societies (ACLS), Washington DC, USA.

1999 Tel Aviv University Internal Fund, Israel.

2002 Special Teaching award:  Rector Prize for Special Teaching Contribution, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

2008 Tel Aviv University Internal Fund, Israel.

2010 Rector Prize for Special Teaching Contribution for 2009 Tel Aviv University, Israel.

2011 Among the list of 100 outstanding TAU lecturers, Israel.

2013 Among the list of 100 outstanding TAU lecturers, Israel.

2014 Among the list of 100 outstanding TAU lecturers, Israel.

2015 Among the list of 100 outstanding TAU lecturers, Israel.

2016 Among the list of 100 outstanding TAU lecturers, Israel.



1987 Organization of American Historians, USA.

1991 American Culture Association, USA.

1994 European Association of American Studies (Europe).

1999 Israeli Association of the history of Education (Israel).

2004 European Association of History Educators (ambassador since 2015).

Selected Publication







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​Eyal Naveh, "Apparent Inclusion and Actual Exclusion: The Debate over the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in History Education in Israel", in History Wars, Palgrave MacMillan 2017. [Forthcoming].

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