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ארכיאולוגיה עמית הוראה
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Dr. Meir[Meir Edrey] Edrey
Phone: 054-4752076



  • Edrey, M. The Phoenicians in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Iron Age I-III: Ethnicity and Identity in Light of the Material Culture (AOAT 462). Accepted.



  • Edrey, M., Samet, I., and Boas, A. Khirbet A-Ram: A Crusader Village in the Outskirts of Jerusalem (Salvage Excavation Reports). Tel Aviv. In preparation.
  • Edrey, M., Ajami, M., and Harpak, T. eds. Horvat Hermas: Final ReportIn preparation.
  • Edrey, M., Gross, B., and Herzog, Z. Ancient Jaffa: The Tel Aviv University Excavations (Tel Aviv Monograph Series). Tel Aviv. In preparation.


Chapters in Books and Monographs

  • Edrey, M. 2013. A Dog Cult in Persian Period Judah. In: Ackerman-Lieberman, P.I., and Zalashik, R. eds. A Jew's Best Friend? The Image of the Dog throughout Jewish History. Brighton: 12-35.
  • Edrey, M. Stone Artifacts from the Mamilla Cemetery. In: Shavit, A. and Cohen-Klonimus, A. eds. Final Report of the Excavation of the Mamilla Cemetery, Jerusalem (Salvage Excavation Reports). Tel Aviv. Accepted.


Peer Reviewed Articles

  • Edrey, M. 2008. The Dog Burials at Achaemenid Ashkelon Revisited. Tel Aviv 35/2: 267-282.
  • Edrey, M. 2016. Phoenician Ethnogenesis: The Crucial Role of Landscape in the Early Shaping of Phoenician Culture. Ugarit Forschungen 47: 41-52.
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  • Edrey, M. and Nagar, Y. 2017. A Mamluk Period Cemetery at Bet-Dagan. Salvage Excavation Reports 10: 189-194.
  • Edrey, M. 2017. A Stone Quarry in Arnona, Jerusalem. Salvage Excavation Reports 10: 259-264.
  • Edrey, M. 2018. Towards a Definition of the Pre-Classical Phoenician Temple in the Southern Levant. Palestine Exploration Quarterly 150/3: 184-205.
  • Edrey, M., Arie, E., May, H., and Yasur-Landau, A. 2018. The Iron Age IIA Tombs of Area E, Tel Achziv: Between Local Traditions and the Consolidation of the Tyrian Polity. Israel Exploration Journal 68: 150-181.
  • Edrey, M., Samet, I., and Boas, A. 2018. Khirbat er-Ram and the Frankish Agricultural Hinterland of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem. New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and Its Region 12: 240-249.


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