Prof. Dafna Benayahu

Cell and Developmental Biology
ביולוגיה תאית והתפתחותית סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Dafna Benayahu
Phone: 03-6406187
Fax: 03-6407432
Office: Sackler School of Medicine, 310


Professor, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Tel Aviv University

Chair, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Tel Aviv University


Our lab's interest is to follow the differentiation of skeletal stem cells and their lineage fate. The balance between skeletal stem cells and the adipose lineage is studied at the cellular and molecular biology levels. In sillico characterization using bioinformatics of genes profiling and identification of biomarkers networks to identify markers for stem cells. Recent projects we gave shown that biomechanics play a role in the stem cells activation and function under normal physiology and along aging. The ultimate goal of the research is to study how to improve the stem cells functionality. Such knowledge will provide novel approaches to combat skeletal changes due to aging or metabolic disease. The use of stem cell is also developed towards tissue regeneration along with development of novel collagen-based-scaffold. 


Research methods used include bioinformatics, gene cloning, qRT-PCR, cell biology analysis including immunofluorescence, scanning electron microscopy and biochemistry. Nanotechnology combines the cell fate differentiation with multidisciplinary approaches for the development new plat formed for cell analysis.

Patents and Publications


  • US 8552153 Coral-derived collagen and methods of farming same
  • US 20060246498 HNRPLL polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding same and compositions and methods of using same
  • US 7829296 Kinesin polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding same and compositions and methods of using same
  • US 8299219 Polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding same, antibodies thereagainst and methods
  • US 20050250717 Chromatin remodeling protein as a marker expressed by stromal progenitor cells
  • US 6074833 Osteoblast and fibroblast antigen and antibodies recognizing it
  • US 5688531 Method for regulating bone forming cells



Selected Publications

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