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 Professor Emeritus of Early Modern History

School of History, Tel Aviv University, 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel


Main Publications: Trading Nations. Jews and Venetians in the Early Modern Eastern Mediterranean (Leiden & New York: Bill, 1995); Cyprus, the Franks and Venice (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2000); The Italian Renaissance: The Growth  of a Secular Culture (Tel Aviv, Ministry of Defence, 2000);  Venetian Letters from the Archives of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and Other Cypriot Collections (Nicosia: The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, 2007).

Edited books: (with D. Jacoby and B. Hamilton) of Latins and Greeks in the Eastern Mediterranean after 1204 (London, F. Cass, 1989)Intercultural Contacts in the Medieval Mediterranean. Studies in Honour of David Jacoby  (London, F. Cass, 1995);  (with J. Terkel and S. Menache) Human Beings and other Animals in Historical Perspective (Jerusalem, Carmel Books, 2007);  (with E. Chayes and H. Hendrix) Cyprus and the Renaissance (Turnhout, Prepols, 2013). 

Research Students

Ph.D. Students


Mariuccia Krasner, “La comunita’ ebaica palermitana nel xv secolo attraverso uno studio sui documenti notarili”   (approved in 2003) [co-supervision with Prof. S. Simonsohn]

Yossef Hart: “The Functions of the Great Council in Renaissance Venice (1475-1533). A Re-evaluation”  (approved in 2004) [in Hebrew]

Deena Joy Kestenbaum, “Padua, Verona and Vicenza during the plague years, 1575-1578 (approved in 2006)

Georg Christ: “Konflikte am Schnittpunkt von Orient und Okzident. Ein venezianischer Konsul im mamlukischen Alexandria 1418-1420“ (approved in 2006) [co-supervision with Prof. Archatz von Müller, University of Basle].

Jacob [Kobi] Yosef: “Ethnic groups, social connections and dynasties in the Mamluk Sultanate (1250-1517)” (approved in 2010)   [in Hebrew, co-supervision with Prof. Michael Winter]

Davide Mano: “Pitigliano in tumulto, 1799 : resistenza popolare e violenza antiebraica“ (approved in 2014) [co-supervision with Prof. A. Grab]

Chaim Shulman: “A Tale of Three Thirsty Cities. The Water Supply Systems of Toledo, London and Paris in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century” (approved in 2015).

Renard Gluzman: “Private Shipping in Renaissance Venice, 1480-1550” [Currently supervised]



1. Trading Nations. Jews and Venetians in the Early Modern Eastern Mediterranean (Leiden: Brill,1995), xi+237 pp.

2. Cyprus, the Franks and Venice (13th-16th Centuries) (London: Ashgate-Variorum, 2000) (Variorum Collected Studies Series CS 688), xii+332 pp.

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Edited books and special issues:

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6. (in collab. with J. Terkel and S. Menache) Human Beings and other Animals in Historical
Perspective (Jerusalem: Carmel, 2007), 408 pp. [in Hebrew].

7. Venetian Letters (1354-1512) from the Archives of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
and other Cypriot Collections (Nicosia: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, 2007), 212 pp.

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