Dr. Aminadav Yawetz

Retired in School of Zoology
ביה"ס לזואולוגיה בדימוס
Dr. Aminadav Yawetz
Phone: 03-6408004
Fax: 03-6407304
Office: Sherman - Life Sciences, 209



Ph. D. Biology University 1975-1977
M. Sc. Biology Tel Aviv University, Israel 1970-1973
B. Sc. Biology Tel Aviv University, Israel 1966-1969



Academic Appointments:

1994-2000 Principle research associate at the Institute for Nature Conservation Research at the Tel Aviv University.
1984-1994 Senior researcher at the Institute for Nature Conservation Research at the Tel Aviv University.
1979-1984 Researcher at the Institute for Nature Conservation Research at the Tel Aviv University.
1975-1977 Assistant at the Zoology Dep. at the Tel Aviv University
1969-1975 Researcher at the Inst. For Biol. Control


Research Interests

My scientific research work is in the field of biochemical environmental toxicology. It is focused on the study of cytochromes P450, acetylcholinesterase, phase II detoxifying enzymes in wildlife. Major attention is given to the interaction of environmental pollution with reproduction of marine and terrestrial organisms. My lab also developes methods and technology for the detection of low levels of organophosphorus and carbamate residues in fresh water.  Research activities include:

  • Study of cytochromes P450 in species of different Phyla.  
  • The interaction of environmental pollution with reproduction.
  • The development of biochemical method for the detection of low levels of organophosphorus and carbamate insecticides in fresh water using acetylcholinesterase profile in fish.


Recent Publications

Chapters in Books

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