Dr. Ruthie Abeliovich

Department of Theatre Arts
חוג לאמנות התיאטרון סגל אקדמי בכיר

General Information

Ruthie Abeliovich (PhD from Tel Aviv University, 2013) is an assistant professor at the Department of Theatre Arts, where she teaches and researches in the fields of Jewish theatre and performance, popular culture, theatre history, sound, voice and media. Between 2014-2017 Abeliovich was a postdoctoral fellow at the Martin Buber Society of Fellows at the Hebrew University. Between 2017-2022 she was a (tenured) assistant professor at the University of Haifa. Abeliovich is the author of Possessed Voices: Aural Remains from Modernist Hebrew Theatre (SUNY 2019), finalist for the Jordan Schnitzer Book Award (AJS, 2020), co-editor (with Linda Ben-Zvi and Sharon Aronson Lehavi) of A Stage of Their Own: 7 American Feminist Plays (Hebrew), and co-editor (with Edwin Seroussi) of Borderlines: Essays on Maps and The Logic of Place (Sciendo, 2019). She has published articles in the journals TDR, Theatre Journal, Performance-Research, Theatre Research International, and New Media & Society.




Assistant Professor. The Department of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University.


Assistant Professor (tenured). The Theatre Department, The University of Haifa.




Ph.D. Theatre Studies. The Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University. Supervisor: Prof. Freddie Rokem


M.A. Theatre Studies (Summa cum Laude). The Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University. (Direct doctoral program)


B.A. The Multidisciplinary Program of the Arts (Summa cum Laude). The Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University.




Visiting Fellow at the LMU Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS), Munich.


Jordan Schnitzer Book Award Finalist for Possessed Voices: Aural Remains from Modernist Hebrew Theater, in the category of “Jews and the Arts: Music, Performance, and Visual.”

ERC Starting Grant of the European Research Council (Horizon 2020). Title: “Yiddish Popular Theatre, 1880-1920: Performance As Knowledge” (1.5€ million for 5 years, 2021-2026)


ISF Book publication grant


Theatre history and historiography, Jewish and Israeli theatre, sound and media, digital humanities.


A.        Ph.D. Dissertation

Voice-Identity-Presence: The Rhetorics of Ventriloquism in Contemporary Women’s Vocal Performance Art. Supervisor: Professor Freddie Rokem. Tel Aviv University, 2013.

B.         Scientific Books (Refereed)

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2019. Possessed Voices: Aural Remains from Modernist Hebrew Theatre. Albany: State University of New York Press.

*2020 Jordan Schnitzer Book Award Finalist in the category of “Jews and the Arts: Music, Performance, and Visual.”


      Edited Books and Special Journal Issues 

Abeliovich Ruthie, Sharon Aronson-Lehavi, and Linda Ben-Zvi (Eds.). 2015. A Stage of Their Own: Seven American Feminist Plays. Tel Aviv University Press: Assaph. (Hebrew) 196 pages. 

Abeliovich Ruthie and Edwin Seroussi (Eds.). 2019. Borderlines: Essays on artistic and conceptual practices of mapping places. Warsaw: De Gruyter Press. 

C.        Articles in Refereed Journals

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2009. “Envoicing the Future: Victoria Hanna’s Exterior Voice.” Theatre Research International, 34:159-165. 

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2013. “In Search of the Author’s Voice: 'The Strindberg Project', a Performance by the Cullberg Ballet.” European Stages 1.1: 101-105. 

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2014. “The Occupying Spectator: Audio-Spatial Ruptures in Performative Representation of Israeli-Palestinian Encounters.” Performance Research 19.6: 54-63. 

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2015. “Voice, Identity, Presence: Stammering as an Aural Image in Victoria Hanna's Performance Signals. Theatre Journal 67.1: 43-61. 

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2016. “Choreographing Violence in Archive, by Arkadi Zaides.” The Drama Review T229: 65-70.

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2018. “Reconsidering Arnold Van Gennep’s Les Rites de Passage from the Perspective of ‘Performance Studies’.” Journal of Classical Sociology 18.4: 283-299. 

Ruthie Abeliovich and T. Sofie Taubert. 2020. “Theatrical Vestiges: Material Remains and Theatre Historiography.” Theatre Research International 45.3:297-302. 

Ruthie Abeliovich. 2020. “Work and Play: Performing Residues in Rolf Hochhuth’s The Representative (1964).” Theatre Research International 45.3: 326-331

Ruthie Abeliovich and Ido Ramati. 2022. “Use this sound: Networked Ventriloquism on Yiddish TikTok.” New Media and Society. 

Ruthie Abeliovich. 2022. “Behind the Mask.” Dapim: Research in Literature, Vol. 23, 75-100. (Hebrew). 

D.        Articles or Chapters in Scientific Books (Refereed)

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2017. “The voice of The Nation's Mother: Hanna Rovina as An Acoustic Icon.” In: Gad Kaynar, Dorit Yerushalmi and Shelly Zer-Zion (Eds.), Habima: New Studies on National Theatre. Tel Aviv: Resling. (Hebrew). pp. 317-336.

Abeliovich Ruthie. “Vocalic Borderlines and Theatrical Soundscapes: A Study of a Lamentation Recording    from Habima’s Performance The Eternal Jew”. In: Ruthie Abeliovich and Edwin Seroussi (Eds.), Borderlines: Essays on artistic and conceptual practices of mapping places. Warsaw: Sciendo Press, 2019. pp. 208-220.

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2019. "Archived Voices: Attempting to Listen to the Theatrical Past." In: Joanna Robinson and Claire Cochrane (Eds.), The Methuen Drama Handbook of Theatre History and Historiography. London and New York: Bloomsbury Press. pp. 185-196.

  E.  Other Scientific Publications.

        Book Reviews

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2021. “The Stage as A Temporary Home: The Theatre of Dzigen and Shumacher by Diego Rotman.” Gal-Ed: On the History and Culture of Polish Jewry, vol. 27 (Hebrew). 

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2020. “On Guilt and Ghosts: Grzegorz Niziołek, The Polish Theatre and the Holocaust (London and New York: Methuen Drama Press, 2019).” Pamiętnik Teatralny, 69(4), s. 161-170. 

      Drama Translations: From English to Hebrew

Yankowitz Susan. 2015. "Night Sky." A Stage of Their Own: Seven American Feminist Plays. Eds. Abeliovich            Ruthie, Sharon Aronson-Lehavi, and Linda Ben-Zvi. Tel Aviv University press: Assaph. (Hebrew). pp. 115-154. 

     Academic Textbook

 Abeliovich Ruthie, 2012. Gender and Feminism in Modern Theatre: Advanced Course Study Guide. Raanana: The  Open University of Israel Press. (Hebrew).


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