Grand Opening: TAU's Innovative Nanotech Frontier

TAU Proudly Opens its New Nanotech Center

29 May 2024

Tel Aviv University pioneered the Israeli nanoscience field with the establishment of The Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 


The inauguration of the Roman Abramovich Building for Nano and Quantum Science & Technology and the Jan Koum Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology took place during the events of the annual Board of Governors (BOG24). The new building has taken quite a route, but it was worth the wait. It is a marvel of architecture and science not just for our campus, not just for Israel, but also for the world.


From left:TAU President Prof. Ariel Porat, former TAU President Prof. Joseph Klafter, and Ms. Rola Brentlin cutting the ribbon of the Nano building entrance (photo: Israel Hadari)


"Although this journey has already gone on for ten years, today is really just the beginning. We are grateful for having played a role in seeing this center come to life, but we now look forward to seeing the progress, contributions and results that will come out of here." - Rola Brentlin.


TAU’s Koum Center is one of the top research institutions in Israel for nanotechnology. Its new location spans three floors and 8,000 square meters. This esteemed facility signals a new era for nanotechnology research both at TAU and generally in Israel.


“Everything here was designed for the next generation of researchers” - Prof. Tal Dvir, Director of the Jan Koum Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.


The entrance lobby of the Roman Abramovich Building for Nano and Quantum Science & Technology


“Everything here was designed for the next generation of researchers,” said Prof. Tal Dvir, Director of the Jan Koum Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The Center comprises 126 research teams in diverse fields and is promoting fruitful academia-industry ties through extensive, long-term collaborative projects with over 35 industrial partners from Israel and worldwide.


A Journey of Innovation and Architecture

The Abramovich Building marks a new era in nanotechnology. Its ground floor, housing Israel's largest clean room, is where nanomaterials and cutting-edge nanotechnologies are crafted and characterized, symbolizing the fusion of form and function at the forefront of scientific advancement.


“We thought about the future when we designed this building” -  Prof. Dvir.


The project showcases a 1650 square meter basement housing an advanced sub-fab facility meeting stringent vibration standards for its electron microscopes.


"The building is also tied to multidisciplinary research and tech innovation while intensifying industry collaboration and forming new connections between the scientific world and society at large, and helping to maintain hand in hand israel's standing forefront of scientific and technological progress" - Prof. Ariel Porat


From left: Prof. Dvir, TAU VP Amos Elad, President of The Koum Family Foundation Yana Kalika, and Prof. Porat unveiling the sign for the Koum Center (photo Israel Hadari).


Advancing Research and Collaboration

The building will house thirty scientists working on nanotechnology solutions across various disciplines, including engineering, exact sciences, life sciences, and medical sciences. Exciting projects at Tel Aviv University include Professor Dan Peer's nanobots that target and destroy cancer cells in the bloodstream and Professor Yael Hanein's devices that integrate with the retina to restore vision for the blind.


The scientists at the Koum Center and Abramovich building are creating pioneering devices and drugs that will directly improve our lives by leading to better health care, faster and safer communications systems, a cleaner environment, enhanced national security, smarter products and more efficient energy use.


The exterior of the Roman Abramovich Building for Nano and Quantum Science & Technology


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