Prof. Reuven Stein

Emeritus in Department of Neurobiology
מחלקה לנוירוביולוגיה אמריטוס
Prof. Reuven Stein
Phone: 03-6408608
Fax: 03-6407643
Office: Sherman - Life Sciences, 724

Research Interests

The research in our laboratory focuses on three main topics:

1. Regulated cell death processes; focusing on apoptosis and Bcl-2 family proteins.

2. Regulation of tumor microenvironment by the multifunctional protein CD38; therapeutic implications

2. Regulation of brain tumors by microglia and bone marrow derived macrophages 


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Recent Publications


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Starinsky-Elbaz S, Faigenbloom L, Friedman E, Stein R and Kloog Y. (2009) The Pre-GAP-related Domain of Neurofibromin Regulates Cell Migration through the LIM Kinase/Cofilin Pathway  Mol. Cell Neurosci. 42:278-287.


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Schwartz H, Blacher E, Amer M, Livneh N, Klein A, Ben-Shushan D, Sofer S, Blazquez R, Barrantes-Freer A, Mueller M, Mueller-Decker K, Stein R, Tsarfaty G, Satchi-Fainaro R, Umansky V, Pukrop T and Erez N. (2016) Incipient Melanoma Brain Metastases Instigate Astrogliosis and Neuroinflammation. Cancer Res. 76:4359-4371.


Blacher E, Ben Baruch B, Schwartz H, Mantsur E, Vaknine H, Erez N and Stein R. Stromal CD38 regulates progression of primary melanoma and generation of spontaneous metastasis. Under revision


Steinbuch KB, Raphael I. Benhamou RI, Levin L, Stein R and Fridman M. Increased Degree of Cis-Unsaturation in the Lipid Segment of Antifungal Cationic Amphiphiles Results in Selective Fungal Cell Disruption. Submitted 



*Corresponding author


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