Dr. Keren Arbel

Department of East Asian Studies
לימודי מזרח אסיה עמית הוראה
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Keren Arbel has a PhD in Buddhist Studies. Her PhD research critically examined the traditional Buddhist distinction between the “practice of serenity” (samatha-bhavana) and the “practice of insight” (vipassana- bhavana) in the early Buddhist texts, challenging the traditional positioning of the four jhànas under the category of “serenity (or concentration) meditation”, and the premise regarding their secondary and superfluous role in the early Buddhist path to liberation.

She has an MA (with distinction) in Buddhist Studies from Bristol University, and BA (Magna Cum Laude) from the Department of East-Asia Studies and the Department of Jewish Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University.

Keren reads Pali and specializes in Early Indian contemplative traditions, Pali Buddhism, Buddhist meditation and the Theravada tradition.

Her book, Early Buddhist Meditation: The Four Jhànas as the Actualization of Insight will be published by Routledge (Critical Studies in Buddhism Series).




“Joy (piti) and Pleasure (sukha) in the Early Buddhist Path to Awakening”, Buddhist Studies Review vol. 32 no.2 (2015), p.179-205.




Early Buddhist Meditation: The Four Jhànas as the Actualization of Insight. Oxfordshire: Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism Series (forthcoming, February 2017). 


The Words of the Buddha: An Annotated Hebrew Translation of Selected Suttas from the Original Pali Canon. Tel Aviv: The Haim Rubin Tel Aviv University University Press, 2016. 



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