Prof. Avner Kalay

Emeritus in Pension
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Prof. Avner Kalay
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Research Fields

Capital market Theory and Efficiency, Derivatives and Real Options, Economics of Information, Agency Theory, Optimal Contracting, MicroStructure of Markets, and Corporate Finance


“Dividend Policy: Its Impact on Value” 1999, Harvard Press, Avner Kalay, Ron Lease, Kose John, Uri Loewenstein, and Oded Sarig.   




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Chapters in Books 


  1.  “Payout Policy” Handbook in Corporate Finance: Empirical Corporate Finance,  edited by Espen Eckbo (Elsevier/North Holland), with Mike Lemmon,  Forthcoming. 
  2. “The maintained Flexibility of Dividend Constraints: A Cross Sectional and Time  Series Analysis,” in Research in Finance, ed Andrew Chen, Vol 8, 1990, with  Adam Shimrat. 
  3. “The Information Content of Optimal Debt Contracts,” Recent Advances in  Corporate Finance, E. Altman and m. Subrhamanyam, Eds., 1985, with Kose  John   



Other Publications

  1.  “New Perspectives on Informational Asymmetry and agency Relationship:  Comment” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, November 1979. 
  2.  “Rule 144 Volume Limitations and the Sale of Restricted Stock in Over the  Counter Market: Discussion,” Journal of Finance, May 1982. 
  3.  “Non Trading and Discreteness of Stock Prices,” Iunim Becalcala, 1989, with  Ahron Rosenfeld. 
  4. “Does Publication Follow Presentation? The Information Content of Presentations at Refereed Finance Conferences” Alliance Journal of Business Research fall 2010, with Steven J. Johnson and Jim Schallheim. 



Honors & Awards

Recipient of New York University’s Presidential Fellowship for full-time research during the fall semester of 1982.  

The recipient of the Glucksman Fellowship for research in security markets.  

A Solomon Brothers Fellowship for the academic year of 1986-1987.  

Garn Faculty Scholar, University of Utah, 1989-1999.

Research grant from Sapir Center of Economic Research 1999-2000.  

Member of the review committee of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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