Dr. Assaf Zemach

Molecular Biology Ecology of Plants
ביולוגיה מול.ואקול.צמחים סגל אקדמי בכיר
Dr. Assaf Zemach
Phone: 03-6409845



Education and Academic appointments:


2015-present  Senior Lecturer Tel-Aviv University
2013-2014 Associate Specialist UC Berkeley
2009-2013 Postdoctoral Fellow UC Berkeley
2003-2008 PhD Weizmann Institute
2000-2003 MSc Weizmann Institute
1997-2000 BSc Tel Aviv University


Research Interests

Two hundred years ago Mendel discovered the basic rules of genetics in pea garden. Today, we harness cabbage-like plants to study molecular mechanisms of epigenetics shared by many living organisms.

Recent Publications


Khan A, Yadav N, Morgenstern Y, Zemach A, and Grafi G (2016) Activation of low-copy-number transposable elements in dedifferentiating cells and their regulation by CMT3-mediated CHG methylation. Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 1859, 1289-1298.


Shemer O, Landau U, Candela H, Zemach A, and Eshed Williams L (2015) Competency for shoot regeneration from Arabidopsis root explants is regulated by DNA methylation. Plant Science. 238, 251-261.


Hu L, Lia N, Xua C, Zhonga S, Linc X, Yanga J, Zhoua T, Yulianga A, Wua Y, Chenb Y, Caod X, Zemach A, Rustgig S, Wettsteing D, and Bao Liu (2014) Mutation of a major CG methylase in rice causes genome-wide hypomethylation, dysregulated genome expression, and seedling lethality. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 111, 10642-7.


Zemach A, Kim MK, Hsieh P, et al., (2013) The Arabidopsis Nucleosome Remodeler DDM1 Allows DNA Methyltransferases to Access H1-Containing Heterochromatin. Cell. 153, 193-205.


Ibarra CA, Feng X, Schoft VK, Hsieh TF, Uzawa R, Rodrigues JA, Zemach A, et al. (2012) Active DNA demethylation in plant companion cells reinforces transposon methylation in gametes. Science. 337, 1360-1364.


Zemach A, Kim M, Silva P, Rodrigues J, Dotson B, Brooks M and Zilberman D (2010) Local DNA hypomethylation activates genes in rice endosperm. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 107, 18729-18734.


Zemach A and Zilberman D (2010) Evolution of eukaryotic DNA methylation and the pursuit of safer sex. Curr. Biol. 20, R780-785.


Zemach A, McDaniel IE, Silva P and Zilberman D. (2010) Genome-wide evolutionary analysis of eukaryotic DNA methylation. Science. 328, 916-919.


Zemach A, Paul LK, Stambolsky P, Efroni I, Rotter V and Grafi G. (2009) The C-terminal domain of the Arabidopsis AtMBD7 protein confers strong chromatin binding activity. Exp. Cell Res. 315, 3554-3562


Hsieh TF, Ibarra CA, Silva P, Zemach A, Eshed-Williams L, Fischer RL and Zilberman D. (2009) Genome-wide demethylation of Arabidopsis endosperm. Science. 324, 1451-1454.



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