Integrating Humanities and Arts

Integrating Humanities and Arts

TAU has launched new and exciting programs aimed at stimulating the dialogue between classic humanities and scientific fields on the one hand, and restoring the relevance of the humanities to all disciplines on the other. A second aim is to attract outstanding students to the Faculty of the Humanities who will become the next change-makers in Israel’s economy and society.


Naming Opportunities

$6 million over 7 years Ofakim (“Horizons”) Judaism as Culture Teachers Training Program: An honors program in which students pursue a double major BA in Jewish Philosophy and another topic, together with a teaching certificate. Graduates get hired by schools in Israel and internationally, teaching Jewish culture through a pluralistic lens.


$12 million over 10 years Midrasha – Honors Program for Advanced Jewish Studies: TAU runs the world’s largest and most diversified School of Jewish Studies and now urgently seeks funding for master’s and PhD students.


$375,000 per year “Crossroads” Interdisciplinary Dual Degree Program: This program seeks to draw a new breed of Humanities undergraduates who are naturally interested in cross-disciplinary exploration and are leadership material. Students will both discover and reconceive how the Humanities, STEM and other fields mutually contribute to one another.


$350,000 per year Honors Program in Writing and Creativity for a Digital World: This novel writing program strives to prepare its graduates for mastery of the best literary tools necessary for future cultural leadership and creative entrepreneurship in multicultural, multilingual and highly technological arenas.  


$100,000 per year and up Scholarships for Philosophy, Political Science, Law and Economy (PPLE) Honors BA Program: The combination of these four disciplines prepares a new generation of analytical and strategic professionals who will shape the future of governments, societies and organizations globally.


$2 million over 5 years Digital Media Production Fund AND/OR

$1 million Digital Media Lab: Tel Aviv is the center of both Israeli filmmaking and high-tech. The digital media program is anticipated to replicate the natural bridge between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, preparing graduates to take leadership positions in the new world of digital interactive platforms across a number of industries.


$5 million Center for Advanced Gender Studies: From unequal wages to the "glass ceiling" in the workplace, employing the feminist lens in public policy and decision-making is more important than ever. This center will educate students to question the beliefs, customs and traditions upon which discrimination against women rests, and to recognize and counter the manifestations of gender inequality.



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