Graduate School of the Arts: Shaping Israeli Art Scholarship

Graduate School of Arts

The arts enrich our society and provide an infinite realm for creative expression. They make us laugh, cry and view every day matters in new ways. To this end, arts scholarship at the graduate level ensures that the arts remain visible and potent in Israel—and no less important, that we understand the significance of their role in our society.


Operating Israel’s first and leading academic faculty of the arts, Tel Aviv University has been a beacon for arts research for decades. The Graduate School of the Arts has trained generations of Israel’s arts scholars and has shaped the country’s creative voices. Today, 600 master’s and doctoral students enjoy a competitive, interdisciplinary curriculum in music, architecture, theater, art history and film and television. Keeping up with the evolving world of the arts, the faculty recently introduced several trailblazing new academic tracks, both practical and theoretical.


Now, to attract more top graduate students from Israel and abroad, TAU has designated its Graduate School of the Arts as a funding priority.


Donors who recognize the importance of a vibrant arts scene in Israel and globally should consider supporting TAU’s Graduate School of the Arts.


Naming Opportunities – Graduate School of the Arts

  • Graduate School of the Arts
  • Institute for Promoting Dialogue through Music: FUNDED
  • MA Fellowship Fund
  • PhD Fellowship Fund
  • Honors Program in Design for Stage, Film and TV
  • Photography Studies Track in Art History

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