Nurturing the Jewish Soul

Nurturing Jewish Souls

Growing tensions between the religious and secular sectors have alienated many Israelis from their Jewish heritage and have caused entrenchment on each side—rather than dialogue. Similarly, many Israeli youth are expressing a lack of interest in their Judaism.


Against this backdrop, Tel Aviv University’s School of Jewish Studies is leading a Jewish renewal movement in Israel. Inquisitive, open and cosmopolitan, the School provides a fresh, cross-disciplinary approach to the Jewish continuum—and is unique in the academic world. The School integrates the study of the language, literature, history, philosophy, culture and religion of the Jewish people through a pluralistic lens. It is generating knowledge that holds cultural and social importance for the academy, for Israeli society and for Jewish Diaspora communities, as well as for non-Jews. To meet growing demand for its programs, the School seeks to expand the scope, range and impact of its activities, and, in this way, to secure the future of world-class Jewish scholarship at Tel Aviv University.


Donors who value the importance of Jewish scholarship as an integral part of a pluralistic, inclusive Israel should consider supporting TAU’s School of Jewish Studies.


Naming Opportunities – Jewish Studies

  • Midrasha – Honors Program for Advanced Jewish Studies
  • Interreligious Studies Center
  • Dictionary of Nature Imagery (DNI) Bible Project
  • Jewish Studies Research Fund
  • Jewish Studies Auditorium
  • Jewish Studies Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

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