Details of Annual Tuition Fee Payment Process

  • General
  • Payment Voucher No. 1
  • Prepayment
  • Payment Vouchers and IDF Release Deposit
  • Credit Card
  • Standing Order


The base tuition fee for the 2023-2024 academic year was determined on the basis of the tuition fee for the 2022-2023 academic year because the University has not yet received an update in respect of the tuition fee for this year. We will update the tuition fee account when we receive notice on the tuition fee amount.


For students charged a tuition fee of less than 100%, the number of installments will be reduced (for example, students charged at 40% of the tuition fee will pay the tuition fee in two installments, 25% of the annual tuition fee in the first installment, and 15% of the annual tuition fee in the second installment).


The tuition fee method of payment is updated according to the student’s declaration in the student portal.


Students who do not make a declaration will receive a bank payment voucher. A bank payment voucher will also be sent to students who joined the standing order payment arrangement and did not declare their continued studies in the 2023-2024 academic year. The charge will not be transferred for payment in the bank.


A notice on the payment amount and the charge date for students paying by credit card and standing order will only be sent by SMS.


Students studying for a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, teaching diploma and special status students who are enrolled for courses requiring a tuition fee of less than 40% will update in the student portal the “declaration on part-time studies”.


Any inquiries with respect to the payment voucher amount must be addressed to the tuition fee unit. Only the tuition fee unit has authority to amend the payment voucher amount.


Any student not having received payment voucher no. 1 must contact the tuition fee unit before the payment date. Students are required to make the payment before the date of enrollment for courses. Enrollment to courses will not be permitted for students who have not settled their tuition fee for the 2022-2023 academic year (receipt of payment in the student’s account will be within 5 working days). Students enrolling for courses in spite of not having settled their tuition fee will be charged tuition fee according to the enrollment for courses and the date on which the University terminated their studies. The University may terminate the studies of any student who has not settled the tuition fee payment.


Please note:


1. Payments should be paid on time (as stated in the payment voucher). If the student has any inquiries or updates in respect of the payment amount – they should be made before the payment date, so that payment can be made on time.


2.  Any student who delays making any payment whatsoever – including payment of the entire balance, will be charged linked arrearage interest at a rate of 0.02% per day. This will be in addition to the linkage as stated in the letter of undertaking, commencing on the date of delay in payment of the installments until the actual payment date.


3.  The interest, arrearage and linkage regulations will also fully apply to students whose tuition fee is funded by other entities, including students entitled to a tuition fee exemption from the University.


4.  Students commencing or renewing their studies in Semester 2 will be charged full linkage differentials from the June index until the date of payment.


5.  Students who have not received a payment voucher in advance, for any reason whatsoever, and who are interested in paying in advance and obtaining a prepayment discount are requested to contact the tuition fee unit before September 14 and obtain a payment voucher. No discount at a rate of 2.5% will be given to students paying the full tuition fee (100% tuition fee) after September 14 each year.


6. No counselling will be provided or enrollment to courses performed for anyone who has not settled their tuition fee.


7.  Any unpaid tuition fee debt will be passed on for collection at an attorney’s office, and the debtor will bear all expenses incidental to collection of the debt. In case of a lawsuit, whether it is filed by Tel Aviv University or the student, the jurisdiction will be in Tel Aviv. Any services, such as study approvals, a certificate on termination of studies, publication of grades, etc. are contingent on payment of the debt, even if the debt does not relate to the degree for which the service is requested.


8.  Where students have a credit balance in their account, the balance will be transferred to the credit of their account in the following year. However, students wishing to receive a refund will be able to send a written request for a refund from the month of April.


The refund will be performed by crediting the student’s bank account. Students are requested to update their bank account details. Bank account details may be updated on the student portal (“updating bank account details”).


Where students pay the tuition fee by means of standing order, the account charged will also serve for the refund.


9.  A debit balance of up to NIS 20 from the previous year will be added to the first installment.

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