Instructions during Corona times

updated: 01.05.2020

​ Before arriving at the university, it is required to fill out an electronic daily health declaration that can be found on the TAU website. 


 Anybody with a body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher or who was in close contact with a Corona infected person over the past two weeks will be denied entrance.


 Meetings of more than eight participants should not be held. In any case, during meetings, participants should maintain a two meter distance between each other.


 There should be no gatherings around the coffee stations or in the kitchenettes and meals will not be eaten jointly. 


 Employees should avoid using common work equipment- when using such equipment (such as copy machines or printers), it is necessary to disinfect the equipment before and after its use. 


 It is necessary to clean and disinfect personal spaces at fixed times, to wash hands several times a day and to clean one’s personal table with a suitable cloth.


 Protective masks should be worn at all times, except if located alone in an office. 


 Two employees can share a room of up to 20 square meters and five employees can share a room of more than 20 square meters. A larger number of employees can share a room such as an Open Space, if between the employees there is a partition that prevents spreading of respiratory droplets.

 Specific employees will be appointed to work with providers and customers.


Not respecting these university instructions represents a disciplinary violation that endangers your and your colleagues’ lives. 

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