Honorary Doctorate bestowed on TAU Vice President Raanan Rein

TAU historian honored for work on Peronist movement in Argentina
11 May 2017

An honorary doctorate was conferred upon TAU Vice President Prof. Raanan Rein by the University of San Martin (UNSAM), Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his speech at the ceremony, UNSAM Rector Carlos Ruta highlighted Prof. Rein's contribution to Argentine historiography, especially the history of the Peronist movement, as well as his role in promoting stronger ties between Israel and Argentina and between Tel Aviv University and UNSAM.


Prof. Marcelo Cavarozzi, Head of UNSAM’s School of Government, said that Prof. Rein’s research achievements and his willingness to "go against the tide" were a source of inspiration for many others. Prof. Rein delivered a lecture to the packed hall at the university on "Rethinking Populism in Latin America: The Argentine Case.”


In his comments, Prof. Rein said, “Working on Argentine history in Israel is not easy. Nor is it easy to study Peronism, no matter where one lives. I had the advantage of being able to analyze the lights and shadows of Peronism as an insider, an Israeli with an Argentine identity component, and also as an outsider, someone who is not participating in the country's politics," he said.



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