Doctoral Fellowships: Rewarding Excellence, Nurturing Innovation

At TAU, doctoral fellows bring to their studies everything positive that Israel stands for: brainpower, determination, creativity, social consciousness and — of course — chutzpah

With the rigorous and demanding work load of doctoral studies, PhD candidates simply do not have the time to work to support themselves. Because of their compulsory military duty, Israeli doctoral students are generally older than their peers in other parts of the world and often have families to provide for. Fellowships offer them a safety net, freeing them from the worries of earning a living so that they can excel in their research. Over recent years, TAU has worked to increase the number of doctoral students at the university and provide them with optimal conditions. In the past five years alone, TAU has increased its investment in doctoral students from $17.3 million to $21.8 million. TAU is committed to its large and gifted group of PhD candidates, but the university needs to raise more funds  for additional fellowships.  


Help strengthen innovation at TAU by contributing to doctoral fellowships, freeing up outstanding students to focus fully on their research. 


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