Student City: Providing Affordable Housing for Thousands

TAU’s most ambitious building project to date will offer 1,500 new residential units for students and faculty, thereby expanding study opportunities for talented young people, as well as recruiting more of the brightest young scientists and scholars 

Until a few years ago, a high quality university education was out of reach for the majority of young Israelis from outlying towns, poor families and minority groups. Geographic distance and the high cost of tuition and living meant that thousands of talented and worthy students were unable to fulfill their academic dreams. Over the last decade, TAU has made it a top priority to actively reach out and bring in more students from these underrepresented groups, establishing several programs that specifically target these young people and offer them the academic, financial and emotional support they need. Yet, without sufficient dormitory space, TAU is unable to boost enrollment in these programs. The construction of the Student City dormitory complex will help redress this pressing need.


Help expand higher education accessiblity to thousands of Israeli and international students, and attract top faculty.


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