Reinventing Learning

Reinventing Learning

TAU is reinvigorating the classroom in light of fast-paced digital developments and pioneering educational approaches that will redefine the student experience from application to graduation.


Naming Opportunities

$10 million TAU Online-Innovative Learning Center: The Center is dedicated to adapting learning to the digital age and making academia more accessible. It runs a nationwide high school outreach program which also serves as a new university admissions track, as well as teacher training, interdisciplinary research, Ed-Tech competitions and conferences, and online course production.


$4 million Medical Simulation Center: A hands-on training facility for medical students to improve their clinical and communication skills and to provide more compassionate, communicative and culturally-sensitive care in the hospital and clinic.


$1.3 million Educational Technology Lab: Researchers and students develop tools that encourage technological thinking among young children; assistive learning technologies for people with special needs; and smart environments for mobile learning.


$1 million TAU Online Film Studio: A cutting-edge studio for filming TAU's creative online courses that reach hundreds of thousands annually from Israel and around the world.


$1 million The Curiosity Lab (Engineering): Research at this lab analyzes the natural drive of children to learn, and its link to genetics, the brain and developmental disorders.


$300,000 over 2 years Educational Technology Equipment Fund: Will help provide crucial equipment – such as tablets, custom joysticks and robots, allowing researchers to develop new tools for enhancing learning.


$250,000 per year Extended Realities Learning Center: This unique facility will provide students with a futuristic learning experience that harnesses the power of virtual and augmented reality technologies.

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