Main Regulations of Tuition Fee for a Teaching Diploma

A. Students will pay according to the proportionate part of their studies. Students continuing their studies beyond two years will pay a prolonged studies charge. Students studying in an amount requiring a payment of less than 25% tuition fee a year will pay a surcharge.


Below is the calculation formula:

Percentage of annual tuition fee



Actual number of hours of study



2 (standard years for degree) X 50


Number of standard hours for degree


B. Students accruing tuition fee at a rate of 100% over two consecutive years (upon the conclusion of the fourth semester) will pay tuition fee during the second year of their studies according to the proportionate part of their studies without any surcharge.


C. Students for a teaching diploma receiving an academic exemption at the expense of studies in a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree who studied at Tel Aviv University in the education department, will pay according to the proportionate part of their studies. However, the minimum tuition fee for a diploma will be 75% of the tuition fee.


D. Students studying concurrently in two or more tracks will pay the tuition fee deriving from joining the tuition fee required for each track separately. The charge in each track will be according to the amount of studies and no less than 75% in each track.


E. Starting from the academic year 2023-24, students pursuing a teaching certificate alongside their degree (BA/MA/doctoral studies) at Tel Aviv University will be eligible for an exemption from paying tuition fees specifically for the teaching certificate courses during the first two years, except for any ancillary payments.

Students who require additional classes to fulfill the requirements for their teaching certificate will be subject to a tuition fee for the completion of those specific courses.

Those who discontinue their BA/MA/doctoral studies will be required to pay for a teaching certificate.

Beginning from the third year of the teaching certificate program, students will be responsible for a tuition fee equivalent to 50% of the regular rate, in addition to any supplementary payments, for each subsequent year. It is important to note that this 50% charge will also apply to students who have fulfilled their course requirements but still have remaining coursework or projects to submit.

For students pursuing multiple teaching certificates concurrently, an exemption from tuition fees will be granted for the first two years exclusively for one teaching certificate. However, it is important to note that for any additional teaching certificates being pursued simultaneously, a minimum of 75% of the regular tuition fee will be required.

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