Main Regulations of Tuition Fee for an M.D.

  • M.D. Degree
  • D.M.D. Degree
  • M.D. Degree (4-Year Track)


The main regulations of tuition fee in the School of Medicine for an M.D. degree (6 year-track).


A. Minimum accrued tuition fee for an M.D. is at least 600%.


B. Students who have not yet completed participation in courses/departments (from the sixth year and henceforth) will be charged tuition fee according to the amount of studies, subject to the Tuition Fee Regulations.


C. Students who study surplus courses or repeat courses due to failing will be charged an additional charge on the tuition fee.


D. In the first three years (Stage 1) the tuition fee charge will be according to the bachelor’s degree fee rate (reduced). Tuition fee will be calculated according to the amount of studies according to the Bachelor’s Degree Tuition Fee Regulations.


Effective from the first semester of 2023-24, the tuition fee for the initial three years (phase 1) will be set at 100% of the annual tuition fee, based on the reduced bachelor's degree rate. Students beginning from the first semester onwards, who are eligible for academic exemptions, will be classified as third-year students in the first phase. The calculation of tuition fees will be determined according to the study quota during the first stage and in compliance with the rules governing academic exemptions.


From the fourth year until the sixth year (Stage 2), the charge will be in the amount of 100% of the tuition fee for each year according to the master’s degree fee rate.


E. In the seventh year, students starting their internship (Stage 3) are exempt from payment. Students who did not commence their internship in the seventh year will be charged according to hours of study – please notify the tuition fee [unit] in writing.


F. Students in their clinical years who are taking a year’s break and request in this year to complete their final paper will be charged (in the break year) for submission of a paper, 5% + ancillary fees.

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