Student Union

Students in the service of students

The Student Union turns the university experience into a more enjoyable one

Whether it's helping students find the right dorm accommodations,  receive scholarships and financial aid, enjoy the rich cultural and social life of the University, volunteer for community activities, or receive discounts on restaurants and recreational activities, Tel Aviv University's Student Union is here to enrich the experience of its over 30,000 students. The TAU Student Union offers the most benefits and services of all student organizations in Israel


The Student Union has been operating since 1983 as a registered non-profit organization, designed to ensure the welfare of TAU students and represent them collectively to various academic and other authorities.  Likewise, the Student Union works to protect the rights of students while safeguarding their social, economic, and public interests.

The Department of Academic Affairs within the Student Union is tasked with responding to questions and inquiries about academic rights and providing assistance, in the form of renting out text books, tutoring, proofreading and offering other services. In addition, the Association operates through an auxiliary XTRA student center. Additionally the union also runs a department of culture and international relations, community affairs, management and logistics and public affairs.


Beyond the classroom

Along with the various services provided by the Student Union, such as legal aid, dormitories, scholarships for community involvement, housing assistance grants, organizing overseas delegations and more, the Student Union also works to enrich the social and recreational dimensions of student life. It  operates three service centers throughout the campus where you can find out information and purchase discounted tickets to theater, recreation and Student Union events.

The Student Union organizes a variety of events on campus including, cultural and recreational activities: lectures as part of the "Culture Wednesday" program, Salsa dancing lessons on Thursday, in addition to operating several student clubs focusing on particular interests, including the Model United Nations Club, Debate Club, Green Club, Environmental Club, the LGBT club and more.


In the service of society

TAU students contribute over 300,000 volunteering hours a year to the community. Recognizing the vital role social involvement plays in strengthening Israeli society, the Student Union awards scholarships totaling more than two million shekels to the many students who make time for community volunteering. Students can volunteer in a variety of organizations, including those involved in food collection for the needy, helping at-risk children, protecting the rights of women, the elderly and Holocaust survivors;  and human rights and humanitarian assistance.

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