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    Always Connected to TAU
    Always Connected to TAU

    The vibrant academic atmosphere at Tel Aviv University vibrant, 24/7 atmosphere extends beyond the campus grounds. With the help of the IT and Computing Department, the University offers a variety of computer services to its researchers, students and staff, accessible from any place, at any time.



    The TAU website contains information about everything that goes on at the University, including research, classes, news and events, protocols and procedures. The TAU community also enjoys a wide variety of personal computing services such as:


    Personal Information – a bundle of services accompanying students from the first day of enrollment to their graduation ceremony. This includes: tracking the registration and acceptance process, signing up for classes via the bidding system, grades, class schedules, personalized exam schedules, tuition balance, etc.


    TAU libraries – access to the various library websites including electronic resources, open data banks and a personalized Reader Card allowing one to keep track of the borrowing schedule as well as currently unavailable items of interest. Access to these electronic resources is open exclusively to TAU staff and students.


    University email  - the central means of communication between the University and its staff and student body. Can always be forwarded to a personal email account.


    Software package  - available for use on and off campus and includes: MS Office, Maple, SPSS, SAS, Statistica, MATLAB, Mathematica and more.


    Learning Online – TAU's online learning portal, Moodle, allows students access to study materials, admin messages, discussion groups and online homework and final paper submissions. The University also provides video services, recording lectures, courses and events and making them available for online viewing for the students' convenience.


    Central storage space – TAU allocates each student personal server space for the purpose of saving and backing up important information and making the information accessible at any time from anywhere.

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