Prof. Yaron Tsur

Emeritus in Department of Jewish History
חוג להסטוריה של עם ישראל אמריטוס
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Prof. Yaron Tsur

Took part in creating the Open University of Israel in 1975 and was head team of courses in Modern Jewish History, specializing in the history of the Jewish communities in the Lands of Islam, and in the ethnic problem in Israel.

From 1990 in Tel Aviv University. Chair of the department of Jewish History (2007), and Head of the doctoral School of Jewish Studies (2008-2010).  

Among his books: Jews in an Era of Transformation: Introduction to Modern Jewish  History, The Open University Press, 4 vols., Tel-Aviv, 1978-1980. (Hebrew. In collaboration with H. Wasserman, I. Bartal, M. Ben-Sasson, Y. Tobi. Spanish translation: En Una Era de Transicion, Tel Aviv, 1981. Revised Russian translation in 2002-3); A Torn Community: The Jews of Morocco and Nationalism 1943-1954, Am Oved, Tel-Aviv, 2001 (Hebrew. Won Shazar and Toledano's prizes); Jews among Muslims, 1750-1880, 3 vol., The Open University Press, Tel-Aviv, 2003-4 (Hebrew, temporary edition). 

Founder and director of "The Jews of Islamic Countries – Archiving Project" (1999) and Historical Jewish Press website (2004).   



Prof. Yaron Tsur - CV



1948          - Born inJerusalem,Israel.

1970-1974 - student in the History department, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (B.A in 1974)

1980-1982 - M.A student in Jewish History, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (M.A in 1982)

1983-1988 - Ph.D. student, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (Ph.D. thesis: "France and the Jews of Tunisia, 1874-1888")


Professional experience/employment in Israeli Universities:

1975-2005  - Member of the academic staff of the Open University  of Israel             

1976-79     - Head of course team, "Introduction to Modern Jewish History" 

from 1979 - Head of course teams in various advanced courses in

Jewish modern history             

            from 1984  - Head of the Oriental andMediterraneanstudies

            from 1995  - Head of course team, “Jews among Muslims:

Introduction to Modern History of the Jews in Islamic

Countries, 1750-1914”

From 1990 – member of the academic staff of Tel Aviv University

1990-1992 - Visiting Lecturer

1992 - Lecturer

1997 - Senior Lecturer

1999-2002 – Head of Yad Ben-Zvi Center in TAU

From 2004 – Founder and academic director, “Historical Jewish Press” website (from 2005 in collaboration with the National Library of Israel )

from 2005 - Director of the "Jews of Islamic Countries Research Unit" - The


2006 – Associate Professor

2007       - Chair, Department of Jewish History

2008-2010 – Head of Chaim Rozenberg School of Jewish Studies, Tel Aviv University

2014    - Professor

2015-2016 – Chairman, Consulting sub-Committee for the

Humanities, Consulting Committee for the National Infrastructures, The Council for High Education (Israel)


Professional invitations abroad:

1993      - Visiting professor, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris)

1996      - Fellow, Center for Judaic Studies, University ofPennsylvania.

2000      - Visiting Professor, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne,


From 2001 – Member of the academic commission, Centre Benveniste

pour les études et la culture Sépharade, Ecole Pratique des

Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne,Paris

2005    - Ginor Visiting Professor, Jewish Theological Seminary,New York

2006      - Fellow, Center for Judaic Studies, University ofPennsylvania.

2010-2011-  Fellow, Frankel Center for Jewish Studies, University of Michigan

2015 – Visiting Professor, Taub Center for Israel Studies, New York University




2002    - Shazar Prize, for the book “A Torn Community: The Jews of

Moroccoand Nationalism, 1943-1954”(Am-Oved, 2001).

2003 – Medaille dela Villede Paris, for enhancing the study of Tunisian Jewry.

2003 – Toledano Prize, for the book “A Torn Community: The Jews of

Moroccoand Nationalism, 1943-1954”(Am-Oved, 2001).


Digital Humanities

from 1999 – Founder and Chief researcher, The Jews of Islamic Countries –

Archiving Project

From 2004 - Founder and director of the “Jewish Historical Press” website (in

collaboration with the National Library of Israel)

2015 – Chairman, Consulting Committee, Committee for National Infra-Structures in the Humanities, Ministry of Education.

2016 -  Consulting Committee, DLEM (Harvard University).



Yaron Tsur

List of Publications



1. The Jews of Casablance: A Study of Modernization in a Colonial Jewish Society, The Open University Press, Tel-Aviv 1995 (Hebrew. in collaboration with H. Hillel).

2. A Torn Community: The Jews of Morocco and Nationalism 1943-1954, Am Oved, Tel-Aviv, 2001. (Hebrew)

3. Notables and other Jews in the Ottoman Middle East 1759-1830, Mossad Bialik, Jerusalem 2016 (in Print) (Hebrew)


  Text books

1. Jews in an Era of Transformation: Introduction to Modern Jewish  History, The Open University Press, 4 vols., Tel-Aviv, 1978-1980. (Hebrew. In collaboration with H. Wasserman, I. Bartal, M. Ben-Sasson, Y. Tobi. Spanish translation: En Una Era de Transicion, Tel Aviv, 1981. Revised Russian translation is under preparation)

2. The Jews of Yemen - History and Culture, vol. 2, The Legal Status, The Open    University Press, Tel-Aviv 1988. (Hebrew. in collaboration with Y. Toby)

3. The Evolution of a Culture: The Jews of Tunisia and other Muslim Countries, Shazar,Jerusalem, 2003. (Hebrew)

3. Jews in Muslim Lands on the Eve of Modern Times (1750-1830),

The Open University Press, Tel-Aviv, 2004 (Hebrew. temporary edition).*

4. Jews in Muslim Land in the outset of the Era of Reform,

The Open University Press, Tel-Aviv, 2004 (Hebrew. temporary edition).*

5. Jews in Muslim Land After the Crimean War, The Open University Press, Tel-Aviv, 2005 (Hebrew. temporary edition).*


Chapters in books

1. “The Jews ofMoroccoin the Colonial Period”, in H. Sadoun (ed.,), The Jews of Morocco, Ben Zvi Institute, Jerusalem 2004, pp. 47-76. (Hebrew)

 2. "Outside of Europe: The Origins of Moroccan Zionism and its Evolution", in: Gal Allon (ed.), World Regional Zionism: Geo-Cultural Dimensions, Volume 2, Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Jerusalem, 2010, pp. 203-271. (Hebrew)

3. Y. Tsur, "Religious Internationalism in the Jewish Diaspora – Tunis at the Dawn of the Colonial Period", in:  Abigail Green and Vincent Viaene (ed.), Religious Internationals in the Modern World: Globalization and Faith Communities since 1750 (Palgrave MacMillan Transnational History), Palgrave MacMillan London 2012, pp. 186-205.

* A textbook based on extensive personal research



1) "A Divided Community in Times of Crisis: The Jews of Tunisunder Nazi    Occupation", in: Institute of Contemporary Jewry Year Book, 2(1985), pp. 153-175. (Hebrew)

2) "The Two Jewish Communities of Tunis (Touansa and Grana)", in: Proceedings of 9th  World Congress of Jewish Studies,Jerusalem, 1987, vol. III, pp.67-73. (Hebrew)

3) "The Impact of the Colonial Situation on the Evolution of Zionist Activity in North Africa" in: Institute of Contemporary Jewry Year Book, 4(1987), pp. 136-123. (Hebrew)

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5) "The Jews of Tunisia at the End of the Pre-Colonial Period", in: Miqeddem Umiyyam, III: Tradition and Modernity in the North African   and                                                                        Oriental Jewry, Haifa University Press,Haifa 1990, pp.79-113. (Hebrew)

6) "The 'Mafia' of Caid Yehuda", Zmanim, 34-35 (Summer 1990), pp.142-151.     (Hebrew)

7) "Ha'apala and the Formation of National Society: The Influence of Clandestine Immigration from Moroccoon the ties between Israeland Moroccan Jewry", in: Zionism, 15 (1991), pp.145-174. (Hebrew)

8) "The Religious Factor in the Encounter between Zionism and the Atlas Jews", in J. Reinharz, A. Shapira, and Sh. Almog (eds.), Zionism and Religion,Jerusalem andBoston:ZalmanShazarCenter and Tauber Institute, 1994, pp. 385-405. (Hebrew and English)

9) Y. Tsur, "Jewish 'Sectional Societies' in Franceand Algeriaon the Eve of the Colonial Encounter", Journal of Mediterranean Studies, vol.4, no.2, 1994, pp.263-277.

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Ph.D. (unpublished)

France and the Jews of Tunisia: the Policy of the French Authorities towards the Jews and the Activities of the Jewish Elites during the Period of Transition from Moslem Independent State to Colonial Rule, 1873-1888, Ph.D. Thesis, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1988 (in Hebrew). 

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