Dr. Tali Bar-Kohany

School of Mechanical Engineering
ביה"ס להנדסה מכנית סגל אקדמי בכיר
Dr. Tali Bar-Kohany
Fax: 03-6407334
טל נייד: 050-6248918

Research interests

My main research interests lie within the energy related topics as reactive and multiphase flows and fundamentals of phase change processes at normal and trans/super-critical conditions, and under wide-span time scales, from mili-to-micro/nano-seconds.


These find relevance in fields such as energy sustainability, propulsion, micro-fluids, safety and energy management. Those topics are of emerging importance in the environmental energy field due to fossil sources depletion and due to the ongoing miniaturization process of devices.

The energy and environmental field encounters inter-disciplinary challenges at every corner. One of the most intriguing fuel that I am researching is methane-hydrate, which is the most common of a wider family of gas-hydrates, found on the continental shelves and in the permafrost.

Short Bio

Tali Bar-Kohany received a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at Ben-Gurion University (BGU, 2004). She won the WOLF award for outstanding Master achievements in 2000 and the Kazir scholarship by the ministry of defense in 2004, and since then she is employed at nrcn. In 2010 she received an honorary fellowship from the Australian institute of high energetic materials. During 2013-2014 she spent a Sabbatical at UCI, working with professor W.A. Sirignano on the subject of combustion of methane-hydrates, which will be the topic of her talk. During 2017-2018 she spent a Sabbatical at UMD, College-Park, working with professor Jungho Kim on fundamental aspects of liquid-vapor phase change.


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Department of Mechanical Engineering


2000 - 2004

A Study of the Mechanism of Sprays Formation by Bi-Component Liquid Flashing


1998 - 2000

Strategic Analysis of Variable Valve Timing in SI Engines

with honors

1994 - 1998

Thermodynamical Analysis of a Practical Otto Cycle with Entropy and Availability




VKI, Belgium

23-27/ 1 /2006

Introduction to CFD,
Von-Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics

CISM, Italy

10-14/ 7 /2000

Interfacial Phenomena, The Marangoni Effect, Instability, Waves and Convective Flows,
International Center for Mechanical Science


8/2017 – 8/2018

Visiting faculty & External Lecturer
University of Maryland, College Park
Department of Mechanical Engineering

10/2015 - present

Visiting faculty
Tel-Aviv University                        
School of Mechanical Engineering

8/2013 – 8/2014

Visiting faculty
University of California, Irvine
Department of Mechanical Engineering

2004 - present

Senior Researcher
Nuclear Research Center of the Negev
2004 -2007: Physics Department
2007 – present: R&D Engineering Department

Senior researcher: Two-phase & reactive flow, Phase change, Fluid Dynamics, Vacuum.



Lecturer, External
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
First Course of Thermodynamics - Mechanical, Energy & Biotechnology Engineering.

Principles in Combustion – Safety and Management Engineering.

1998 – 2004

Teaching Assistant
Department of Mechanical Engineering, BGU

Frontal and Lab instruction in the courses of Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics.

Awards& Fellowship


1st prize for presented poster at the 30th Annual Symposium of the Israeli Section of the Combustion Institute


Honorary Fellow, Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials

2004 - 2010

Katzir Scholarships Program – Ministry of Defense


1st prize for presented poster at the 18th Annual Symposium of the Israeli Section of the Combustion Institute.


Major Ehud Ben-Amitai Scholarships Fund for Aeronautic research


WOLF award for Outstanding Master achievements


Head of Department award for excellence



Journal Papers

H-index: 7;      i10-index: 7;    Total citations: 400  ;https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=QEXmTrTRGVQC&hl=en

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