Dr. Talia Shiff

The School of Social and Policy Studies
בית הספר ללימודי חברה ומדיניות סגל אקדמי בכיר


Talia Shiff is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and the Department of Labor Studies at Tel Aviv University. Her research looks at processes of evaluation, institutionalization and moral schemas through the case of frontline asylum decision-making. A central focus of her research is how the disconnect between the moral goals of an institution and its legal rules shapes processes of evaluation and decision-making, with implications for the production of social inequality

Research Interests

cultural sociology; political sociology; sociology of law; asylum and immigration; gender; moral boundaries; evaluation and categorization


Selected Publications

2021 Shiff, Talia. “A Sociology of Discordance: Negotiating Schemas of Worth and Codified Law in US Asylum Status Determinations.” American Journal of Sociology. Forthcoming
2020 Shiff, Talia. "Reconfiguring the Deserving Refugee: Cultural Categories of Worth and the Making of Refugee Policy." Law & Society Review 54, no. 1: 102-132.
2020 Shiff, Talia. “Revisiting Immutability as the New Standard for Defining Membership in a Particular Social Group and Its Impact on Asylum Claims Related to Gender.” University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 53, p. 567- 596.
2019  Shiff, Talia. "Regulating organizational ambiguity: unsettled screening categories and the making of US asylum policy." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies: 1-19.
2016 Shiff, Talia (equal author) and Orloff, Ann. “Feminism/s in Power: Rethinking Gender Equality after the Second Wave.” Political Power and Social Theory, 30: 109-134
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