Prof. Ronit Meroz

Retired in Department of Jewish Philosophy
חוג לפילוסופיה יהודית בדימוס


Prof. Ronit Meroz, The Department of Jewish Philosophy and Talmud, Tel-Aviv University, P.O.Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6139001, Israel



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Born in Jaffa, Israel. Married to Eylon and the proud mother of three – Tali, Ariel and Nittay.



B.Sc. – Math. and Philosophy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

MA – Jewish Philosophy/ Kabbalah, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

            Thesis: Prophecy in the Lurianic Kabbalah, Supervised by Prof. Moshe Idel.

Ph.D. at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

            Thesis: Redemption in the Lurianic Kabbalah, Supervised by Prof. Moshe Idel,


 Teaching and Other Academic Activities (a selection):

  • Teaching positions (at different levels) at the department of Jewish Thought and at the Rothberg School for Overseas Students, Hebrew University, Jerusalem – 1979–2001.
  • Teaching positions (at different levels), Tel Aviv University – 1995 until today.
  • Chair – The department of Jewish Philosophy, Tel-Aviv Uni. (Sep. 2002–Aug 2004).
  • A seminar for advanced students, organized by University College of London in cooperation with Kings College, London, 2011(Zohar reading workshops).
  • Research fellow at the Annenberg Institute of Advanced Studies, Penn University, Philadelphia (including a teaching position) – 1996.
  • Research Fellow (visitor) at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1999 (Group's subject: Zoharic literature).
  • Initiator and head of the researchers' forum for Religion and Literature, Tel Aviv University, 2002–2003.
  • Research Fellow and Group director at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2004/2005 (Group's subject: Literary Dimensions of Medieval Jewish Religious Discourse).
  • Member of editorial board – The Journal for the Study of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewry, 2006–2009.
  • Member of editorial board – Da'at, Bar Ilan Univ., Ramat-Gan, 2006.
  • Currently (since 2011) member of editorial board – Studies in Jewish History and Culture, published by Brill.
  • Member of the academic committee in charge of the third Section (Rabbinic Literature, Jewish Law and Jewish Thought) of the 16th World Congress of Jewish Studies organized by the World Union of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem 2013).
  • Initiator and head of the current project for an annotated scientific edition of the Book of Zohar, including research of the history, philology, poetics and theology of the Zohar. Funded by the Israeli Science Foundation by four different grants (1998, 2002, 2005 & 2010).


Dr. Ronit Meroz, The Department of Jewish Philosophy,

Tel-Aviv University, P.O.Box 39040, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel

Research Students

Students who have already received their MA degree:

Yemimah Libbi–Arnoff, Neta Sobol, Liliane Targownik, Tania Segal, Or Zohar, Omri Shasha, Ester Malka.

Current Students for MA degree: Hemda Cohen. 

Students who have already received their PhD degree: Neta Sobol.

   Current Students for PhD students: Omri Shasha (supervising with Oded Yisraeli, BGU)h

Post-doctoral fellows:

2010 - Dr. Tzahi Weiss, Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem.

2011 - Dr. Adam Afterman, Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem.

2014-2015 - Dr. Andrea Gondos, Concordia Uni. Montreal, Canada.

2015-2016 - Dr. Andrea Gondos, Concordia Uni. Montreal, Canada. 


 List of Publications (45)

(Major Keywords attached to each title)

  •  Ph.D. Thesis and Books
  • English Titles of my Hebrew Articles
  • Articles in English and in German
  • Articles Accepted for Publication


Ph.D. Thesis and Books-- English Titles of Hebrew Books

1.         Lurianic Kabbalah  Redemption in the Lurianic Teaching, Dissertation supervised by Prof. Moshe Idel, Hebrew University, 1988 (Hebrew).

             For a Digital Copy Press here


2.         Zohar  The Pearl, the Matza and the Fish - The Spiritual Biography of Rashbi, Mossad Bialik, Jerusalem, in print (Hebrew)


3.         Zohar   New Developments in Zohar Studies, Te'uda 21-22 (2007), edited by R. Meroz, The Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies, Tel-Aviv University (568 pp., Hebrew).

              For a Review Press Here (Assaf Nabbaro, Hebrew).


4.           Zohar, Hassidism (and much more)   Maren R. Niehoff, Ronit Meroz and Jonathan Garb (ed.), And This is for Yehuda: Studies Presented to our Friend, Professor Yehuda Liebes, on the Occasion of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday, Mossad Bialik, Jerusalem 2012 (Hebrew). 

             For more detatils - press here.  Contents - English Titles 


5.            Zohar   Headwaters of the Zohar – Research and Editions of Zohar, Exodus, The Haim Rubin Tel Aviv University Press, Tel Aviv (Hebrew), in print.



English Titles of my Hebrew Articles (ordered by publication time, starting with the earliest one)

(for their Hebrew titles and for many of the e-offprints see also my Hebrew website)


 1.         Lurianic Kabbalah  'Or Hagganuz by R. Abraham Azulai , Kiryat Sefer 60 (1985), pp. 310–324.


 2.         Kabbalah in Safed   'The circle of R. Moshe be Makhir and Its Regulations', Pe'amim 31 (1987), pp. 40–61.


 3.         Lurianic Kabbalah 'Selections from Ephraim Penzieri: Luria's Sermon in Jerusalem and the Kavanah in Taking Food', in: R. Elior & J. Dan (ed.), Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on the History of Jewish Mysticism – Lurianic Kabbalah, Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought 10 (1992), pp. 211–258.


4.         The Kabbalah of Saruq 'R. Yisrael Sarug – Luria's Disciple; A Research Controversy Reconsidered', Da'at 28 (1992), pp. 41–50.

 5.         Lurianic Kabbalah 'Early Lurianic Writings' in: M. Oron and A Goldreich (ed.), Massu'ut – Ephraim Gottlieb Memorial Volume, Tel-Aviv 1994, pp. 311–338.

 6.         The Kabbalah of Saruq 'An Anonymous Commentary on Idra Raba by a Member of the Saruq School', R. Elior & J. Dan (ed.), Rivkah Shatz–Uffenheimer Memorial Volume, Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought 12 (1996), pp. 307–378.

 7.         Zohar  'Messiah Right Now? – Different Positions towards Messianism in the Book of Zohar', D.  Kerem & A. Zion (ed.), The Variety of Ideas in Hebrew Culture (Beginning and End), 2000, pp. 59-72.

 8.        The Kabbalah of Saruq 'The Saruq School of Kabbalists: A New Historical Interpretation', Shalem 7 (2001), pp. 151–193.

 9.         Zacuto, Sabbatean Movement,  Afterlife, Hell  'Rabbi Moses Zacuto Allusions in Tofteh Aruch', Pe'amim 96 (2003), pp. 107–119

            Article        Abstract 

10.       Zohar  'The Chariot of Ezekiel: an Unknown Zoharic Commentary', Te'uda 16–17 (2001), pp. 567-616.

11.       Zohar  '"And I Was Not There?": The Complaints of Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai according to an Unknown Story of the Zohar', Tarbiz 71 (2002), pp. 163-193.


12.       The Book Bahir, Banylonian Vocalization System, Babylonian Jewry, Beginning of Kabbalah

'On the Time and Place of Some Paragraphs of Sefer Ha-Bahir', Da'at 49 (2002), pp. 137–180.


13.       The Book Bahir, Zohar  'A Passage Attributed to the Book Bahir', Kabbalah – Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts 7 (2002), pp. 319-326.

14.       'The Good, the Bad and the Mistaken - Water in Jewish Mysticism', D.  Kerem & A. Zion (ed.), The Variety of Ideas in Hebrew Culture (Water), 2003, pp. 85-93.

15.       Kabbalah in Safed  'Spiritual Life in the 16th Century Safed', Ariel 157–158 (2003), pp. 28–90.


16.       Zohar  'The Weaving of a Myth: An Analysis of Two Stories in the Zohar, in: H. Kreisel (ed.), Study and Knowledge in Jewish Thought, Beer-Sheva 2006, Volume 2, pp. 167-205.


17.       Zohar, Tikunei Zohar, Raaya Mehemana, R. Joseph Angelet, Symbolism of the Sephirot, Symbolism of Lambs and Goats, Story of the Creation, Breaking of the Vessels,  Womb and Abortion In Creaton Story, Joachim di Fiore, The Ten Martyrs, The Biblical Figure of Joseph, Jewish Messianism.

'R. Joseph Angelet and his "Zoharic Writings"', in: R. Meroz (ed.), New Developments in Zohar Studies, Te'uda 21-22 (2007), pp. 303-404.

            Article       Abstract

18.       Zohar, Lurianic Kabbalah  'The Desire to Receive – Desire, Passive and Active Attitudes in Kabbalistic Literature', in: Sh. Biderman & R. Lazar (ed.), Desire, Tel-Aviv 2007, pp. 116-140.

19.       Zohar  'The Writing of the Zoharic Sitrei Tora – R. Ya'akov Sha"s and His Co-writers', Kabbalah 22 (2011), vol. 1, pp. 253–281.

20.       Zohar 'Kabbalah, Science and Pseudo-Science in Ramdal's Commentary on the Thirteen Attributes, in: Maren R. Niehoff, Ronit Meroz and Jonathan Garb (ed.), And This is for Yehuda: Studies Presented to our Friend, Professor Yehuda Liebes, on the Occasion of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday, Mossad Bialik, Jerusalem 2012, pp. 123–143


21.       Zohar   'The Initiation of R. Hiyya – Two Versions of a Zoharic Story', in: A. Lipsker and R. Kushelevsky (ed.), Studies in Jewish Narrative (Ma'asse Sippur), vol. 3, Ramat-Gan  2013, pp. 116-163. (in Hebrew).    

           Article      Abstract

22.        Zohar    'An Old Man, a Child and a Princess in the Floating Tower: Tikunei Zohar as an Encoded Ego-Document', Zemanim 123 (2013), pp. 94-107.

23. Yezira, Messianism, Polemics. 'Inter-Religious Polemics, Messianism and Revelation in the short version of Sefer Yezirah', Da at 81 (2016), pp.1 - 37 (Hebrew)  

          Article   English Abstract

24. Yezira   'Cosmology in Sefer Yezira (according to its short version) – Some Notes', Kabbalah 36 (2016), pp. 259–227 (Hebrew).

25. Zohar. '"Rashbi's Biography" as a Zoharic unit and the Epic Layer of the Zohar', Liebes, Benarroch, & Hellner-Eshed (eds.),The Zoharic Story, Jerusalem 2017 (Hebrew), pp. 63-96.


  Articles in English and in German  (ordered by publication time, starting with the earliest one)

(for more e-offprints see my Hebrew site)


I           Lurianic Kabbalah "'Zelem' (Image) and Medicine in the Lurianic Teaching According to the Writing of R. Hayim Vital", Koroth 8, (1982), pp.170-177.


II         Lurianic Kabbalah "Faithful Transmission Versus Innovation: Luria and his Disciples", P. Schaefer & J. Dan (ed.), Gershom Scholem’s Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism - 50 Years After, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on the History of Jewish Mysticism, Tuebingen, 1993.


III        The Kabbalah of Saruq "Contrasting opinions among the Founders of Saruq’s School", in: P. Fenton & R. Goetscel (ed.), Expérience, Écriture et Théologie dans le Judaïsme et les Religions du Livre, Université de Paris-Sorbonne, 2000, pp. 191-202.


IV        Zohar "Zoharic Narratives and their Adaptations", Hispania Judaica 3 (2001), pp. 3-63.


V         Zohar "Der Aufbau des Buches Sohar", PaRDeS: Zeitschrift der Vereinigung für Jüdischen Studien e.V., II (2005), pp. 16-36.


VI        The Book Bahir "'The Middle Eastern Origins of Kabbalah", The Journal for the Study of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewry, February 2007, pp. 39-56.


VII      The Book Bahir "A Journey of Initiation in the Babylonian Layer of Sefer ha-Bahir", Studia Hebraica 7 (2007), pp. 17–33.

           Article and abstract 

VIII     Sefer Yezirah, Creation Myths, Wisdom Literature, Origins of Kabbalah, Sephirot Symbolism, Magic

"Between Sefer Yezirah and Wisdom Literature: Three Binitarian Approaches in Sefer Yezirah", Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies (JSRI), 18 (2007), pp. 101–142. For a printout press here:     Abstract

IX        Zohar "The Path of Silence: An Unknown Story from a Zohar Manuscript", The European Journal of Jewish Studies, 1, 2 (2008), pp. 319-342.

           Article and Abstract

X         Zohar "The Story in the Zohar about the Grieving Dead", in: Nathanael Riemer (ed.), Between Heaven and Earth – Festschrift on the Occasion of the 70th Birthday of Karl E. Grözinger, Harrassowitz Publishing house, Wiesbaden, February/March 2012, pp. 43-54.


XI        Zohar     "Is the Taking of Damietta Alluded to in a Zoharic Story?" Jewish Studies Quarterly (JSQ, Princeton), 20 (2013), pp. 33-60. 

            Article        Abstract

XII        Zohar     R. Meroz & J. Weiss, 'The Source of Guillaume Postel’s 1553 Zohar Latin Translation,' Renaissance Studies 29 (2015), pp. 247-260.

            Article and Abstract


Articles Accepted for Publication

I. Zohar  The "Archeology" of the Zohar – Sifra deZeniuta as a test case’, Da‘at 82, scheduled for October 2016

מאמר זה יצא לאור פעם שניה במסגרת הבאה:

‘The "Archeology" of the Zohar – Sifra deZeniuta as a test case’, in: A. Rapoport-Albert & W. Smelik, The        Linguistic and Literary Context of the Zohar (a volume in the IJS Studies in Judaica), Leiden: Brill, scheduled   for October 2017

.ii.    Sefer Yezirah 'Poetical Aspects in Sefer Yezira', Teu'dah 29 (2016), forthcoming.


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