Dr. Michael Mann

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מדעים להיי-טק עמית הוראה

Dr. Michael Mann ד"ר מיכאל מן

Dr. Michael Mann is one of the leading experts in Israel for mathematical optimization of AI

He is a lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University and a senior faculty member lecturer at Afeka in the Department of Software Engineering and Computer Science (equivalent to Associate Professor in the US). He serves as head of the research association of the School of Software Engineering

At the same time, in the high-tech industry he serves as chief scientist and vicepresident for research & development at the international fintech company RGM Global Ventures which operating in Belgium, Germany, Israel and USA

Research Area


Mathematical optimization for AI


Optimization algorithms for machine learning


Convex optimization for machine learning


Mathematical modeling for social network analysis



Mathematical Sociology - Computational social network analysis


Network science


Agent-based modeling of social networks


Diffusion of information and behavior in social networks


Social network dynamics



Mathematical Political ScienceVoting theory and mathematical modeling of voting and political science


Computational social choice Mathematical models of voting behavior


Ranking methods and aggregation of preferences


Condorcet Jury Theorem


Voting power and apportionment


Collective decision-making


Political game theory



Mathematical Sociology - Sociometric Indices

Use of mathematical tools and models for sociological measures


Computational social science


Social network measurement


Social network analysis algorithms


Quantitative methods in sociology



Additional Research Areas


Algorithms for centrality in a adjacency matrix


Optimization methods in network analysis and correlations to financial indices by network analysis tools


Probabilistic methods in anormative combinatorics


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