Prof. Yoram Margalioth

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Prof. Yoram Margalioth
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Studied law at the Hebrew University; LL.M. (in taxation) and JSD at NYU. Clerked for Supreme Court Justice S. Nethanyahu; worked as a State Tax Attorney representing the government in tax cases before the Supreme Court. Prior to joining Tel Aviv Law Faculty, was a faculty member at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. Taught at Singapore, Toronto, NYU, Northwestern and Harvard law schools. Director of the Law and Philanthropy Institute.

Research Interests and Teaching

Tax Law. Tax Policy. Welfare and Social Policy. Employee Benefits. Pension Law. Climate Change. Philanthropy. CSR. MOOC (Coursera course)



New York University School of Law 
J.S.D. Degree awarded in January 1997 Thesis: Adjusting the U.S. Tax Code for Inflation Advisor: Professor Daniel Shaviro Advisory Board: Professor Stanley Siegel, Professor Lewis Kornhauser
New York University School of Law 
LL.M in Taxation. Degree awarded in May 1995
Hebrew University School of Law 
LL.M Degree awarded in July 1994 Honors: Magna Cum Laude
Hebrew University School of Law 
LL.B Degree awarded in January 1991


Professional Experience

Since Oct. 2003 Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, Full Professor (June 2011-present) Associate Professor (2007-2011) Senior Lecturer (2003-2007) (teaching: Taxation; Tax Policy; Tax, Welfare and Economic Growth; and Micro-business and Economic Justice Clinical Program).
Sept. 2012 National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law, Visiting Professor (teaching: intensive course in International Taxation).
Feb. 2010 University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Visiting Professor (teaching: intensive course in Tax Policy).
Aug. 2008-July 2009 NYU School of Law, Visiting Professor (teaching: Taxation of Property Transactions; US Federal Income Taxation; Tax Policy).
June-July 2007 Prato, Italy, Visiting Professor (teaching an International course in Tax Policy).
Sept.-Oct. 2005 Northwestern University School of Law, Visiting Professor (teaching: Tax Policy Seminar).
June 2002-Sept. 2003 Harvard Law School, International Tax Program, Deputy Director (teaching: Tax and Development Seminar).
2003 Short Term Consultant to the World Bank,
Sept. 2001-June 2002 NYU School of Law, Visiting Researcher.
Sept.1997-Sept. 2001 The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Radzyner School of Law, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer (teaching: Taxation, Tax Policy, VAT, Social Policy).
1997-2001 Adjunct Professor, Hebrew University School of Law (teaching: International Tax Policy, Social Policy).
1997-1999 Tax Counsel, Shiboleth, Yisareli, Roberts and Zisman Law Firm.
1992-1994 Attorney, Fiscal Department, State General Attorney Office, Israel Ministry of Justice.
Feb. 1991-Feb. 1992 Law Clerk to Justice Shoshana Nethanyahu, The Supreme Court of Israel.


Full CV

Representative Publications

Ethnic Profiling in Airport Screening: Lessons from Israel, 1968-2010, American Law and Economics Review 517 (2012) (with Badi Hasisi and Liav Orgad).


Taxing Multinationals: Policy Analysis with a Focus on Technology, British Tax Review 99 (2011).


Applying Tax Policy Analysis to Climate Change, 64 Tax Law Review 63 (2011).


Incorporating Affirmative Action into the Welfare State, 93 Journal of Public Economics 1027 (2009) (with Tomer Blumkin and Efraim Sadka).


Tips, 38 Hebrew University Law Review (Mishpatim) 107 (2009) (with Sharon Rabin-Margalioth) (in Hebrew).


Antidiscrimination Rules versus Income Taxation in the Pursuit of Horizontal Equity, 91 Journal of Public Economics 116 (2007) (with Tomer Blumkin and Efraim Sadka).


Universal versus Selective Transfer Payments in Israel: an Optimal Tax Theory Analysis, 30 Tel Aviv University Law Review 33 (2006) (in Hebrew).  


Targeting the Majority: Redesigning Racial Profiling Rules, 24 Yale Law & Policy Review 317 (2006) (with Tomer Blumkin).


The Many Faces of Mandates: Beyond Traditional Accommodation Mandates and Other Classic Cases, 40 San Diego Law Review 645 (2003). Reprinted in Cross-Border Human Resources, Labor and Employment Issues, 375-431, 2005 Kluwer Law International.


Discrimination in the Pension System: A Proposed Cure, 31 Hebrew University Law Review (2001) 529 (in Hebrew).


Full CV

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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