Prof. Dean Ad-El

School of Continuing Medical Education
כירורגיה סגל אקדמי קליני
Prof. Dean Ad-El
Phone: 03-6406371
Another phone: 03-6406366
Fax: 03-9219773
Office: Sackler School of Medicine


Senior Lecturer, Department of Surgery, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Director, Department of Plastic Surgery and Burns, Beilinson Hospital in Rabin Medical Center

Senior Surgeon, Herzliya Medical Center



Dr. Dean D. Ad-El is an expert in the field of plastic surgery. He received his medical degree from the Technion in Haifa, Israel and later completed a clinical fellowship in microsurgery at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. He began his professional career began at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, and he has practiced at Rabin Medical Center since 2004.


Board Memberships and Affiliations

  • European, American and Israeli Society of Plastic Surgery
  • The World Organization of Treatment Cleft Palate
  • Founder and Chairman of the Israel Society of Microsurgery
  • Israeli Society of Surgery Organ neck and head
  • American and World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery
  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery



Dr. Dean Ad-El specializes in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, including breast reconstruction after mastectomy and cosmetic procedures done after resection of organs. He also specializes in head and neck reconstruction via microsurgery and uses advanced techniques to treat non-melanoma skin cancer and burns. His research interests include stem cells and special medical devices for anesthetic procedures.


Selected Publications

Eldad V Moor · Asaf Olshinka · Dean Ad-El. Surgical Technique for Remodelling Lip Deformities Due to Overinjection of Silicone Oil. Dermatologic Surgery 03/2012; 38(7 Pt 1):1049-53. DOI:10.1111/j.1524-4725.2012.02381.x


Dean D. Ad-El. The Length of Hospitalization and Morbidity of Burned Patients: Plastic &amp Reconstructive Surgery 07/2007; 120(1):362-363. DOI:10.1097/01.prs.0000264585.01532.28


Dean D. Ad-El · Sagit Meshulam Derazon. Prediction of Morbidity and Mortality on Admission to a Burn Unit: Plastic &amp Reconstructive Surgery 07/2007; 120(1). DOI:10.1097/01.prs.0000264578.39257.dc


Dean David Ad-El. On the Ethics of Composite Tissue Allotransplantation (Facial Transplantation). Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 03/2007; 119(2):747. DOI:10.1097/01.prs.0000247902.74741.d4


A Eldad · M Icekson · T Zur · D Slosser · A Maly · D Arielli · R Burvin · D Ad-El · A Neuman. Silver-Sulfadiazine Eschar Pigmentation Mimics Invasive Wound Infection. Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation 05/2003; 24(3):154-7. DOI:10.1097/01.BCR.0000069440.78932.70


D D Ad-El · A Neuman · A Eldad. Syndactyly repair in Kindler syndrome Plastic &amp Reconstructive Surgery 02/2003; 111(1):504-5. DOI:10.1097/00006534-200301000-00108


D D Ad-El · A Neuman · M R Wexler · A Eldad. Chronic facial edema caused by multiple bee stings: Effective treatment with liposuction [8]. Plastic &amp Reconstructive Surgery 10/2002; 110(4):1192-3. DOI:10.1097/00006534-200209150-00041


M Lotem · T Peretz · O Drize · Z Gimmon · D Ad EL · R Weitzen ·H Goldberg · I Ben David · D Prus · T Hamburger · E Shiloni. Autologous cell vaccine as a post operative adjuvant treatment for high-risk melanoma patients (AJCC stages III and IV). The new American Joint Committee on Cancer. British Journal of Cancer 05/2002; 86(10):1534-9. DOI:10.1038/sj.bjc.6600251


D D Ad-El · D Engelhard · Y Beer · I Dudkevitz · P Benedeck. Earthquake related scald injuries - Experience from the IDF field hospital in Duzce, Turkey. Burns 07/2001; 27(4):401-3. DOI:10.1016/S0305-4179(00)00121-2


Dean D. Ad-El · Amos Paizer · Carol Pidhortz. Bipedicled Vascularized Fibula Flap for Proximal Humerus Defect in a Child. Plastic &amp Reconstructive Surgery 02/2001; 107(1):155-7. DOI:10.1097/00006534-200101000-00024


Dean D. Ad-El · Alice Harper · Lloyd A. Hoffman. Article: Digital replantation teaching model in rats. Microsurgery 02/2000; 20(1):42-4. DOI:10.1002/(SICI)1098-2752(2000)20:13.0.CO;2-4


Joseph J. Disa · D D Ad-El · Stephanie M. Cohen · Peter G. Cordeiro · David A. Hidalgo. The Premature Removal of Tissue Expanders in Breast Reconstruction. Plastic &amp Reconstructive Surgery 12/1999; 104(6):1662-5. DOI:10.1097/00006534-199911000-00008 


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